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For the most part, the fundamentals of customer service remain the same. Efficient and timely service, responsive front liners, proactive solutions are just some of the qualities clients look for in the products and businesses that they purchase. What changed are the channels and platforms that the use. We’re almost half-way through 2015 and here are just some of the hyper-connected, mobile lifestyle customer service activities that we’ve been seeing in 2015.

Improving customer experience goes deeper than what you see on the surface of customer service delivery. If you want to establish an experience that pleases your customers consistently, then it’s time you look into your company culture.

Attending to the demands of the customers every day can burn out even the most patient of customer service reps. And when they begin to feel the weight of it, it can derail your customer service team from focusing on your customers. To be able to keep your customer service team in the path of quality customer support, consistent motivation is vital to pump up their “ready-to-serve” mindset. Here’s a tried and tested ways to M-O-T-I-V-A-T-E your customer service team.

When looking for customer service reps, you carefully filter the applicants who carry the best qualities and skills that meet the requirements of the job. But more importantly, you check their characters and their hearts to serve, as it is the wellspring of how they will delivery customer service.

Have you lost customers recently? According to the research done by John Gattorna, a visiting professor at Macquarie Graduate School of Management in 2008, businesses lose 68% of their customers due to perceived indifference. This means the customers walked out and left because they do not feel valued by these companies. Imagine losing these many customers just because you didn’t show you cared?

We sometimes forget the magic of words when it comes to customer service. Providing stellar customer service is easier than before, with technology, enhanced training of front liners and a growing awareness of how much superlative customer service can be one’s very best form of marketing. But there are these phrases when used and spoken with sincerity, which surprisingly make customers happy.

In customer service, companies need to make sure that customers walk away content with the support they received. Otherwise, there is more serious damage than just a disgruntled customer. To better understand which areas we can improve on, let us look into the areas that commonly irk customers. Here are 20 things people hate the most about customer service:

It was an ordinary day and Audrey Mark was doing her usual shopping at Target when she chanced upon a quiet customer assistance that speaks so much about what customer service is all about.

Customer service should be included in your company resolutions. Resolutions require commitment and consistency – two key factors needed in delivering quality customer experience. Here are five customer service resolutions we suggest every company should adapt to with the new year.