Julep’s Jane Park: Treat Customers Like How You Wish Your College Boyfriends Treated You

Exceptional customer service is really based on each company’s personal touch. The more personal you are with your customers, the better customer service you provide. Isn’t that what it is all about—being connected to your customers as if you know them personally?
CEO and co-founder of cosmetic startup Julep, Jane Park, wanted it to be so personal that she likens her customer service approach to “the way we wish our college boyfriends had treated us”. She may have said this coming from a bad college relationship experience, but this statement is still quite true for many of us—especially to those who are in the cosmetics business.
Just how did Jane Park do it? Here are top 4 ways to enrich your company’s customer relationship and entirely maximize your business growth.

1.    Put high regard on customer feedback.

Julep has devised an effective customer feedback program, that they rely on this to improve their products. They listen and value customers’ inputs which are gathered from social media, their subscription service called “Maven”, and their “Idea Lab”—a community of 6,000 fans, who try out the latest product first before it gets mass-produced.
They leverage on the preferences of their customers and hear them out when they find something that needs improvement. This allows Julep to create and enhance their make-up to tailor-fit their clientele.

2.    Involve customer in your business development.

Collaborating with your customers to help you improve your business can solidify your relationship with them. In January, Julep consulted a group of women to design a new product which is also crowd-funded. And this team work of Julep and their customers birthed this very innovative tool for applying nail polish.
The active participation of customers in the product development will imply how important they are to your company because you view their suggestions and opinions as a major contribution to the business.

3.    Establish a personal connection.

We couldn’t emphasize it more—be personal with your customers. Let them know there’s a real person behind the brand that they are patronizing. Jane Park admits that she would go through Julep’s orders and sends these customers thank-you emails with individual special notes from herself. Park also would interact with people on her personal social media and reach out to them like an actual friend would. She believes that the customers are real people and not merely a variable in Julep’s statistics.
The personal connection you make with customers will most assuredly gain their loyalty and draw in more potential clients who will stick with your brand for the long haul.

4.    Make customers feel good.

Because the business of beauty is essential to many women, satisfaction is Julep’s aim for their customers to experience with every use of their product. According to Park, they want their customers to not only look good with their make-up but also feel good and significant with their inputs to the company. For her, beauty is unique and make-up application does not have one steady rule, which makes it an avenue for women to make meaningful connections and empowers them to be more confident about themselves.
When customers are happy with your product, the outward results impact the inner person of every customer you deal with. The fulfillment they receive with each business interaction with your company will leave a mark not only within their circles but also cause your company greater gain with every good word spoken from your customers.
The dynamic growth of this Seattle-based cosmetic startup company is really impressive—they tripled their e-commerce revenue last year! And the brand Julep Beauty is seen as the fastest-growing beauty brand and competes quite well in the market .
And like any relationship that is nurtured and given major importance—yes, even by your college boyfriend—prioritizing customer relationship will establish lasting connections and fruitful returns for your business.