How You Can Provide Quality Customer Service with Mobile

The digital age has shaped how companies reach out to customers. It has created a more convenient way for customers to communicate their needs to various brands. Because of the fast-paced delivery of technology, customers want their concerns met in real-time or in the shortest time possible. In response to customers’ growing demands, companies have to keep up with the trend, otherwise they risk disappointing their clients and losing them in the process.
Aside from social media, another avenue that customers are choosing today in terms of customer service is through text messaging. In fact, according to a new study by Harris Poll on behalf of OneReach, 64% of people would prefer text messaging rather than spend it talking on the phone with a customer service agent.
Customers want it fast and they see text messaging as one of the quickest ways to receive real-time response such as: checking order status (38%), schedule appointments (32%), confirm reservations (31%), inquiries (30%), locate a store (30%), verify balances and due dates (30%), refill orders (29%), and reset password (27%).  48% of the respondents say that it would be more convenient for them as customers if companies offer text messaging as option.

Here are other reasons why text messaging is becoming popular among customers:

1. Younger customers make up a significant percentage in the consumer market and according to the survey, 76% of adults aged 18 to 34 with SMS capability would choose to interact via this channel.
2. It offers a quicker way to customer-related concerns that doesn’t need much time to be resolved like the ones mentioned above.
3. In a noise-sensitive surrounding, customers can still request service from brands just by texting.
4. For people who needs customer assistance but don’t have time to spend waiting on the line because they are either multitasking or have limited time.
5. A considerate option for customers who wish to not speak to a live person.

Since text messaging is gaining ground in customer service delivery, we say offer it to customers. Quality customer service via text is possible with the following:

  • In line with mobile apps, have team leaders, supervisors and managers download these apps on their business communication tools so that they too may have opportunity to respond to customers’ concerns.
  • Have one or two dedicated agents to handle text messaging queries from your customers. In case there’s an influx of text messages that two agents can’t handle, then you may extend this to other customer service reps or add more dedicated mobile customer service agents.
  • Respond to SMS queries in less than an hour (since most customers choose this channel to have a quicker reply from you). If their concern needs more assistance, acknowledge their message right away and call them back, email them, or invite them for a live chat.
  • Be proactive by identifying customer service activities that can be easily done through text messaging, like customer feedback, and let your customers know that for such needs, they can opt to use your mobile customer service channel.

Mobile customer service can be a great way to engage and assist your customers with their needs. Explore this approach and see how it will increase satisfaction among your patrons and potential clients.