How do we love Zendesk, let us count the ways

Zendesk, cloud-based customer service software provider, has recently reported growing its client base to 30,000 companies, with over 200 million people benefiting from its technology globally. Also, shortly after Zendesk opened an office in Tokyo and a data center in Dublin, more and more non-US based customers have started using the software. To date, 50% of Zendesk’s customers are from outside the US.
We’re not surprised. As one of those 30,000 companies that use Zendesk (count us in on the 50% non-US customers too), we know how powerful the Zendesk software is.
Since we integrated Zendesk across our systems in June 2011, we never looked back. Being in the customer support business for more than 20 years, we know the value of an efficient helpdesk and seamless ticketing management solutions in supporting clients from a wide range of industries. Zendesk has provided us with the important functionalities that allow us to do our day-to-day job with ease and with utmost quality.
So.. how do we, here at transcosmos, love Zendesk? Let us count the ways:

Social Media Support

Social media has changed a lot in the recent years, and has made a tremendous impact in the way businesses deal with their customers. Every day we attend to dozens of customers who would rather communicate through social media channels instead of picking up the phone or sending an email.
Studies show that 47% of social media users seek customer support from businesses, and about 60% of Twitter users alone seek information about brands. Email and phone may not be totally obsolete customer support avenues—we’re certain that these channels will always be around—but in this age and time, social media is obviously an established channel that cannot be ignored.
Interestingly, recent studies show that 70% brand inquiries on Facebook and Twitter still go unanswered, which only tells us that a lot of companies still don’t get it.
That said, Zendesk’s multi-channel support allows us to improve the way we interact with our clients’ customers through social media, respond to them in a timely manner, and follow them up after the initial contact.

Fast and Easy Deployment

Shortly after we tried out the free trial version, we were convinced that Zendesk is the way to go. It took us a day to integrate Zendesk across all of our company’s systems, from our home base in Hungary, to our contact offices in the UK and the Philippines. And it took us less than a week for our teams to get familiar with the application. To think it was in 2011 when we deployed the Zendesk software, and considering that it has been upgraded significantly since then.
Configuration is easy, and the interface is user-friendly. It surely made the work load easier to carry around here, and training our teams how to use the system is a breeze.

Yammer and Zendesk Integration

Because transcosmos operates in different locations from across the globe, it’s imperative that we have a solid internal platform that allows our multilingual employees to connect and collaborate. The combination of Yammer and Zendesk works wonders for our teams, therefore improving service delivery and task completion.
Our team leaders use Yammer to brief agents, organize shifts, share knowledge, and make social interactions with each other. And with the integration of Zendesk to Yammer, we’re able to deal with our tasks with transparency and social accountability. As a team we’re able to help each other by giving insights to tickets and issues, and together we deliver solutions with more credibility and faster response times.
The result? Happy employees, happy customers, and even happier clients.

Reporting and Analytics Tools

transcosmos heavily uses data in determining trends and staffing requirements. Zendesk’s comprehensive analytics tools allow us to make important business decisions, as well as track daily performance across all of our clients.  Through data, we’re able to witness the significant increase in customer satisfaction, as well as make improvements in our operations if needed.
transcosmos provides IT and customer support services to global enterprises, and customer satisfaction is at the core of our business. The Zendesk technology has allowed us to be better in what we do best—to improve the level of satisfaction of customers, and to improve the business of our clients who entrust their customer support to us.
How about you? What are the technology solutions that changed the way you do business?