Happy Employees Make Happy Customers Make Happy Bosses

CEOs may be the brains behind the company but it’s the employees who do the customer service. If employees are happy, customers are happy, which make bosses happy too. But how do you make customer service employees happy to make happy customers and bosses?

Making employees happy is not as easy as giving them free donuts and coffee. The kind of happiness that we’re talking about here is being honestly happy with their job – becoming truly committed in what they do. Moving employees to commitment needs positive reinforcement from no one else but the bosses. You’ve got to give something, to get something, right?

Hiring people with the right attitude

Although technical skills are important when assessing candidates for hiring, companies also need to hire based on attitude, team work abilities, and a strong desire to give good service. While some may argue that not hiring based on technical skills will need additional employee training, employees with the right attitude can pick up skills faster and adapt more quickly than those who are hired for their skills.
When Mark Murphy, author of Hiring for Attitude, was asked by Forbes if technical and soft skills are less important that attitude, he answered “It’s not that technical skills aren’t important, but they’re much easier to assess (that’s why attitude, not skills, is the top predictor of a new hire’s success or failure). Virtually every job (from neurosurgeon to engineer to cashier) has tests that can assess technical proficiency. But what those tests don’t assess is attitude; whether a candidate is motivated to learn new skills, think innovatively, cope with failure, assimilate feedback and coaching, collaborate with teammates, and so forth.”

Providing room for growth

“Employees will always perform at their best when the environment is conducive to growth.” A tweet by @MonteGaetano in response to Victor Lipman’s article on employee engagement to management transparency, was so on the spot that Lipman had to mention it in his article on providing employees with room for growth.
Invest heavily in your employees through trainings and opportunities, so you can ensure them that there is no dead end in your company. This gives them a sense that there are always opportunities for learning and advancing themselves in your company because you believe that they have potential to get better in what they do.

Go beyond salaries and benefits

Gessica Lomonte, who created her own start up, wrote an article in the IE & Asia-Pacific Weblog about the start-up benefits that go beyond monetary compensation. She wrote, “As Steve Jobs said “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do”. But most importantly, whether you love your job or not will depend on the people that surround you.”
While a great pay can encourage employees to work hard and make them stay, employees’ needs go beyond money. Apart from training, create a positive environment where they will feel comfortable and cared for. Create a working environment that they wouldn’t want to leave. That is why it’s important to hire the right kind of people, because having co-workers that employees can be friends with outside the office is also a way to make a positive working environment.