Which Industries Give the Best and Worst Customer Service?

Do you ever wonder which industries rank highest in customer service and which fail? The Temkin Group, a research and consulting firm in Massachusetts, surveyed 10,000 U.S. consumers last January about their customer experience with 268 national and regional companies. Which industries do you think were rated best and worst?

5 Customer Service Myths We All Need to Know

Many companies do their businesses believing these myths, therefore missing out on a big opportunity to grow, to serve their customers better, and to potentially earn more profit. These Customer Service Myths change the way we look at customer complaints, and give us ideas on how to address them better.

What Customer Service Experts Say About First Impressions

In the same way that a single phone call can be the first impression and most likely the only perception a customer makes on a company, a job interview is also the one moment where an applicant makes his first impression. The recruitment process is long and tedious, and the process could end right on the first job interview. We’ve interviewed some experts in the field and here are some of their answers.