8 Tried and Tested Ways to Motivate Your Customer Service Team

motivateAttending to the demands of the customers every day can burn out even the most patient of customer service reps. And when they begin to feel the weight of it, it can derail your customer service team from focusing on your customers.
To be able to keep your customer service team in the path of quality customer support, consistent motivation is vital to pump up their “ready-to-serve” mindset. So we have listed tried and tested ways to M-O-T-I-V-A-T-E your customer service team:

M-aintain a personal vision of customer service.

Having a personal vision of customer service helps them to focus on loving customers instead of being discouraged when they are unreasonably demanding and irate. Reminding the team about your customer service vision and how they help contribute to your goals will give them a higher sense of purpose other than just going to the office for income’s sake. Encourage them to adapt a personal vision of customer service that will remind them why they are part of your team.

O-ffer ways to grow in their customer service career.

Growth is a strong motivation for any employee. Provide opportunities for your customer service team to enhance their customer service competency—trainings and programs on efficient communication, advanced product skills, understanding social media customer service, and the like. Also cast them the vision of moving up the corporate ladder by giving them a break in their career progress like an endorsement for senior customer service leadership or quality assurance management.

T-ake care of their well-being.

The feeling of being cared for after caring for customers sure does help in boosting the morale of your customer service team. Show them that you look after their welfare. Provide good health benefits, adequate time of work break and quality vacation leaves, avenues to help them to de-stress—anything that will keep them in tip-top shape to accomplish their roles as customer service provider.

I-nspire them with above-and-beyond customer service stories.

Inspiring customer service stories from other companies will make them want to do the same. Each time you have team meeting, end it with an inspiring customer service anecdote or story that will boost their momentum at work and give them an example of providing stellar customer support.

V-alue their ideas.

Keep an open communication with your customer service reps. Listen to them—they may have ideas that will help improve how your company does customer service, as they are the ones who are in the front lines. Agents who feel valued not only for what they do for the company, but also for their comments and suggestions will strive harder because they feel that they belong. Give them autonomy to carry out their ideas and apply their creativity.
A-ppreciate their hard work.
Being in the customer service industry can be very taxing because of the various demands you have to meet to satisfy the customer. Acknowledge their hard work and sacrifices just to meet targets and reward it rightfully. Customer service reps will feel recharged for work whenever they receive a “pat-on-the-back” from the management.

T– ransfer them to a different work space.

Sometimes you just have to shuffle things a bit to break the monotony. Schedule a day where your customer service team will switch to a different cubicle or desk. The change of scenery will definitely do them good. If the logistics of the transfer will be arduous and will negatively affect office operations, then maybe you can encourage your team to spruce up their workstations that will renew their outlook.

E-mphasize the importance of teamwork.

A team that is divided can affect your reps’ individual performances and the work in general. Create a solid customer service team by establishing the value of teamwork. Having good office relationships among your team will definitely encourage them to work better together and make their jobs more enjoyable. Do more teambuilding activities—be it formal or informal—as long as you foster the atmosphere of camaraderie within your customer service team.
So the next time your customer service team needs a little lifting up, let transcosmos tried and tested ways to MOTIVATE your customer service team guide you.