5 Key Ingredients of an Unforgettable Customer Experience

customer-experienceIn today’s highly competitive business world, customer experience is what matters most. Standing out from the competition relies on a business’ ability to create exceptional customer experiences. As digital analyst Brian Solis wrote in What’s the Future of Business, now is the time every business must go beyond money, performance or value, and focus on creating positive customer experiences.
Experiences stay with customers and make doing business more meaningful. An amazing customer experience is what builds loyal customers and keeps them coming back. So how do you make sure that amazing customer experience is at the heart of what you do?
From us here at transcosmos, these five key ingredients complete the recipe for an unforgettable customer experience during customer service calls. Make sure you have these qualities to win the hearts of your customers.

1. Competence

It is difficult to effectively sell to a consumer if you cannot show or explain how your product will address a customer’s needs. Understanding your products or services features will allow you to present their benefits accurately and persuasively. Customers are more likely to trust your brand if you show competence in what you are selling. Make sure that everyone within your organization is a product or service expert in order to receive a high rating for competency, says Errol Allen, a customer service consultant, in a CSM blog.

2. Responsiveness

How long does it take before your customers’ situations are addressed and resolved? One of the most frustrating customer experiences is waiting to be serviced or even just to be acknowledged! Customers won’t ever tolerate being ignored. It can set them into a rage, and worse, have them looking for alternative solutions to yours. Being responsive is your best tool for keeping people happy and improving your own product or service, writes Ben Yoskovitz, VP Product at VarageSale, in his blog. Responsiveness eases tension, impresses people, and changes how people perceive your company.

3. Omni-channel Communication

Customers don’t want to be constrained to a single communication channel but want to start communications on one channel and move to another without having to restart the conversation. An omni-channel communication will enable consumers to be more empowered and vocal in their interactions with your company, explains computer software provider KANA.  Aside from customer support for voice, email and web channels, omni-channel communication includes the addition of social and mobile channels which means fully integrated support to deliver a continuous and consistent customer experience.

4. Empathy

If your customer service team understands how to respond to customers in an empathetic and professional manner, then they are halfway there to managing customer expectations, says Jaime Scott, head of a leading international customer management outsourcing firm, in a blog. Creating greater empathy between your customer support staff and customers across all interactions is not something that can be established instantly, but with the right coaching, your agents can be trained to better support and manage customer calls.

5.    Consistency

Consistency is the glue that holds it all together. If your organization is consistently competent, responsive, omni-channeled and empathetic, you can certainly provide many great customer experiences. According to Ross Beard, a marketing specialist and contributor to the Client Heartbeat blog, businesses need to have a clear policies, rules and supporting mechanisms to ensure every interaction they have with a customer is consistent. As a company, it’s also your job to make sure the brand messaging that you communicate with customers is consistent.
Delivering unforgettable customer experience is something that every business should be giving top priority. Apply these key elements and surely you can keep every customer for life.