10 Customer Service Blogs You Need to Bookmark Now

10 Customer Service BlogsHello! What have you been reading lately? Whatever business or industry you’re part of, you need a little dose of customer service inspiration in your reading list every day. Customer Service, after all, is an integral part of every business, and you know that we all have to deal with customer service in one way or another on a daily basis.
We listed 10 blogs that will inspire you, challenge you, and make you think about your own customer service efforts and how you can improve them. Start bookmarking, guys! You’re welcome.

1. Shep Hyken

We don’t know Shep Hyken personally, but we consider him our friend, mostly because reading his blog makes us feel like we’re chatting with him about customer service over coffee and bagels. A customer service resource speaker in his own right, Shep Hyken is passionate about customer service and empowering employees and shares these passions in his blog–the very same things we’re passionate about here at transcosmos, which makes us relate well to his posts. His weekly “Top Customer Service Articles” is something we always look forward to, knowing that his list includes articles that are worth the while.

2. Zendesk Blog

We may be a little biased about this one, because it’s no secret that we love Zendesk from the bottom of our hearts. transcosmos has been using the Zendesk technology since forever and OMG we just can’t stop talking about how Zendesk has changed transcosmos operations for the better. It goes without saying that we follow their blog for updates and tips on using their software, but more than that, Zendesk posts interesting articles too on how to improve IT and customer support.

3. Micah Solomon

Another customer service expert whose articles we follow is Micah Solomon. While his personal blog is not regularly updated, he’s a regular contributor at Forbes’ Customer Service section, where he shares his thoughts on recent news and developments in the customer service and hospitality industry.

4. Salesforce Blog

Salesforce is a leading cloud computing enterprise, known for its cloud technology and CRM applications that companies use to connect with customers, partners, and employees. Being in the business for 15 years, and with over 100,000 customers to date, it only makes sense that Salesforce shares its rich knowledge in sales and customer service and the point where the two intersect. We love Salesforce’s posts on how to improve customer support based on actual data they’re able to acquire through the years.

5. Fonolo Blog

Is another cloud-based technology provider that offers applications and solutions for call centers. While we’re not very familiar with their technology, we love browsing their blogs and learning a thing or two about customer experience, call center solutions, and IT support. We specifically love how their posts offer actionable ways to serve customers better and improve customer retention.

6. Tricia’s Customer Service Success Blog

..which is actually Parature’s blog. Another customer service software provider, Parature posts articles about things they do best: customer service solutions and customer experience. We always look forward to reading their encouraging and inspirational posts, such as heart-warming customer service stories and inspiring customer service quotes.

7. Helpscout Blog

Seems that most of the blogs in this list are by customer support app providers! Helpscout is another company who has developed a help desk system that allows users to support their customers better. They’re also passionate about sharing what they know about customer support, customer loyalty, and “building a company that people love.”

8. Consumerist

Probably one of the oldest blogs that covers customer stories and experiences, Consumerist has been around since 2005. Unlike the other blogs in this list, you won’t find “10 tips to improve your customer service” or “7 ways to exponentially increase customer loyalty”, or other customer service tips of that sort at Consumerist. Instead, this blog focuses on the consumers and their good and bad experiences with big brands. By exposing these things, they hope to empower consumers to protect themselves, and in way, if you’re a business owner, you learn a handful of things on how to treat customers better by reading their posts.

9. CRM Daily

CRM Daily is an online magazine covering top industry news, from CRM systems, contact centers, customer data, and customer service, to business intelligence, sales and marketing, and social media. Updated daily, CRM Daily is a good place to go to if you want to know the latest happenings in the CRM industry, around the world.

10. transcosmos Blog

I ran out of customer service blogs to list (apparently there isn’t a lot), so allow me to save the last slot for the transcosmos blog! transcosmos has been providing multilingual IT support for blue chip enterprises around the world since 1991. We’re passionate about technology, customer service, employee empowerment, and being multilingual, and we share our passions in this blog! We try to update this space as much as possible, and if you want to receive weekly updates (no spam, promise!), feel free to subscribe using the widget above.
Anything else you can add? Hit me up in the comments to share your favorite customer service blogs!
Have a great weekend!

Rhiza Oyos

Rhiza is passionate about customer experience, customer relations management, and social media. She likes scouring the web for interesting stories about customer service and blogs them here at transcosmos.

12 Replies to “10 Customer Service Blogs You Need to Bookmark Now”

  1. All are top notch, but I especially enjoy reading the blog posts of Shep Hyken, Tricia Morris, Micah Solomon, Salesforce and Fonolo. To round out my personal ten favorite customer service/customer experience posts:
    – Customer Input Journal blog by David Jacques
    – CX Journey blog by Annette Franz
    – Take Their Breath Away blog by Chip Bell and John Patterson
    – Win the Customer blog by Flavio Martins
    – Customers That Stick blog by Adam Toporek
    and as Stan Phelps would recognize as Lagniappe (a little something extra thrown in for good measure), the 9 Inch Marketing blog by him.
    Thank you Rhiza for sharing your list.

  2. Thanks so much for putting this together, Rhiza! This is an awesome list. While I’m familiar with some, there are a bunch of new ones for me to explore.
    Here’s some other customer service blogs I’ve really been enjoying. I love to share!
    1. Groove’s Customer Support Academy
    Weekly content to help you deliver awesome, personal support. Groove shares their own experiences, data, and strategies for delivering great customer service as a SaaS company. My favorite articles are The ROI of a Handwritten Note and The First Thing You MUST Do When You Receive a Customer Support Email.
    2. Communicate Better Blog
    Communicate Better Blog’s tagline is “making customer service awesome”. Jenny and Jeremy frequently write great posts about all things customer service, sharing their experiences and learning from others.
    3. CustomerThink
    CustomerThink is a daily goldmine of customer service and related insights. In addition to publishing their own content, they also republish other great blog articles with the authors’ permission. This leads to a lot of great content in one place.
    4. Al Hopper Said It Here First…Thoughts From The Fridge
    Al Hopper is a customer service rock star. His blog has some amazing posts relating customer service to various movies, and you should definitely check them out. I really like Houston, we have a #Custserv problem and Customer Service – Shawshank Style.
    5. CX Journey
    I could get lost in this blog for hours. Annette Franz writes great posts about customer service, customer experience, and even employee experience (one of my favorite topics!). I loved her most recent post about Why is Great Service Hard to Find? and she does a great job explaining the difference between customer service and customer experience.
    Possible Bonus: we recently launched our blog over at HelpGizmo called HelpGizmo – Customer Service Through Self-Service. We are discussing and sharing not only about knowledge bases and self-service but also customer service and support in general. While we are doing some of our own content like How to Start Building Your Knowledge Base, we are hoping to share other material like 5 Steps to Awesome Internal Customer Service…by a developer.
    Again, thanks for sharing this list and I hope mine is helpful as well! Excited to see what other blogs are out there!

  3. Thank you for including my blog on this esteemed list of customer service bloggers. And, really appreciate the reference to being a friend. Life is too short not to have LOTS of friends! Thank you again!

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