Agents no longer want a big PC in front of them, with fans blurring and the ill feeling of working in a low cost call centre environment. So how long before agents are using a Call Centre Tablet?

Being in this business for over 20 years, Merlin has successfully hired and deployed hundreds of Customer Support employees through the years, and has developed an efficient process of recruiting people. Here are 7 qualities to look for when hiring Customer Support Agents.

We’d like to let you peek into the lives of Merlin employees, and the first one in this series of interviews is Adel Zsurzsan, Merlin’s Business Development Advisor based in the Hungary office.

Many companies do their businesses believing these myths, therefore missing out on a big opportunity to grow, to serve their customers better, and to potentially earn more profit. These Customer Service Myths change the way we look at customer complaints, and give us ideas on how to address them better.

DHL Brazil and DHL Benelux do not only need an IT support team who knows what they’re doing, they needed agents who speak their native tongue—Brazilian Portugese. Because of this specific expertise, Merlin fits DHL’s requirements perfectly.

We put together 7 timeless customer service quotes to inspire you through the week, one quote each day. These are “timeless” quotes because they were spoken by thought leaders from another era, centuries ago, back when there were no help desks and call centers and tech support.

The most successful businesses are those who care more than just profit, but also its responsibility to its customers, employees, the environment and the society. Here are 3 important values businesses should learn from DHL.

We’ve put together a list of legendary customer service stories, some of them from several years back—a testament that it’s stories like these that are remembered and shared over and over again.

In the same way that a single phone call can be the first impression and most likely the only perception a customer makes on a company, a job interview is also the one moment where an applicant makes his first impression. The recruitment process is long and tedious, and the process could end right on the first job interview. We’ve interviewed some experts in the field and here are some of their answers.

BBC News recently featured Ryanair’s success story—from almost closing down in 1988 to totally changing its business model in the 1990s, to now being one of the world’s leading airlines. Here are some of our takeaways from Ryanair’s success story.