FIZZBACK Testimonial

“transcosmos is a fantastic organisation always willing to accommodate any request, no matter how much short notice they are given or how difficult a language we need covered, they are consistently dependable. We have at times given them just days to find agents for a variety of languages and they have never failed to deliver a suitable candidate that can not only do the basic job required but is able to go above and beyond to complete ad hoc tasks that we need completing. I would highly recommend them as an organisation as they don’t think about how to make the most money from a client but instead how to best service their needs within a reasonable budget. They are always flexible and are able to cover a variety of tasks, whether they are technical or basic. transcosmos like to find the best solution for your needs and work tirelessly to ensure they not only provide prompt, efficient service but also maintain the highest standards of quality while giving regular updates and always looking at ways to improve. I am glad we have had such a successful and continuous partnership with them and hope that it will last for the long term.”

Rhiza Oyos

Rhiza is passionate about customer experience, customer relations management, and social media. She likes scouring the web for interesting stories about customer service and blogs them here at transcosmos.