Roundup: What’s Up in the Customer Service Industry

There are thousands of customer service stories and insights published online every week. From developments, failures, and lessons – it can be overwhelming to sift through what can be interesting to read and spend precious time on. Here’s a roundup of some of our picks for must-read customer service articles.

5 Things Customers Hate about Customer Support (And How to Address Them)

Customer service is the way for businesses to gauge their clients’ loyalty to their company. We’ve stressed many times before that customer service should be at the core of every business, and should therefore be given careful attention. But there will always be something that tick customers off, and we know how a frustrated customer can potentially be the downfall of any business.

6 Must-Read Books for People in Customer Service

If there’s one way to advance your knowledge and expertise in various areas of business, it’s by reading books. As a customer service provider, we’ve proven time and time again that learning should never stop. Books allow us to add large amounts of knowledge from the experiences of others in a nominal amount of time. In this post, we’ll share you six must-read books on creating exceptional experience that customers love!

The Biggest Customer Service Problem and How You Can Fix It

If you could identify what the one biggest problem about customer service is, what would it be? There are a ton of common mistakes that customer service reps make, such as failing to follow up or not building a relationship, but there’s one single problem that above all things should be avoided or fixed as soon as possible: Not being the solution.