5 Best Customer Service Practices in Social Media That You Should Be Doing Now

Social media has become one of the most preferred customer service channels nowadays because of the flexibility and efficiency it provides to customers. But of course, using social media per se does not guarantee excellent customer service immediately.
Some companies might think that merely having a Facebook fanpage or a Twitter account is enough. But truth is, just as with any other method, it takes effective approaches to ensure that your customers are getting quality service via your brand’s social media.
So we have here 5 best customer service practices in social media that you should be doing now, if you haven’t yet…

1.  Speed is key.

The very reason your customers took it to social media is the expected immediate response from your company. Make sure that you have a short turn-around time in your replies upon customer’s first inquiry post. 25% of customers who post on brands’ social media pages expect a response more than one hour, but later the same day. If you need more time to respond to their concerns, simply acknowledge their inquiry immediately and inform them an estimated time for you to reply back with the best solution.

2.  Recognize customers’ opinions.

Whether a rant or a rave about your company’s product or service, it will be helpful to acknowledge them because it will make customers feel that you are really listening. Take every frustrated remark as an opportunity to improve your customer service and highlight “appreciative” posts from customer as a way of saying you are happy to serve. When customers see that you interact with them this way, they will feel more genuinely connected with your brand.

3.  Create a community.

There are customers who are always online and constantly interacting with brands via social media. Pinpoint those people in your network and provide an even wider avenue for them to collaborate with you and other customers. Provide promo codes and discounts on items for them to enjoy as a token of your gratitude. Customers feel more valued when they see how you take time to hear them out and serve their concerns. Read our post here about how Julep cultivated that sense of community which helped boost their customer service and consequently their revenue.

4. Establish professionalism.

While social media may seem to be a very informal place to respond to customers, they will still expect you to be professional in your approach. Proofread every content or reply that you post on your social media channels, ensuring that spelling and grammar are correct, free from jargons and can be clearly understood. Also respond accordingly—do not try to answer inquiries via Twitter with text-like replies (“tnk U 4 ur rply!”) nor answer in length with limited characters—direct them to other customer service channels such as email or chat support if their concerns need more elaborate assistance.

 5. Proactive posts matter.

Instead of answering numerous “Is this product available now?” referring to out of stock items, post an update about when it is available or offer another product that they may rather want to try. Announce any changes your company might be going through so that customers will have a heads up in case these will interfere with their customer experience like dealing with a new person handling customer concerns or expected delivery of their purchased item.
Normally, social media is maximized as a marketing strategy but we believe it is high time for companies to also explore its potential as a competent channel for providing excellent customer service. We hope that these practices will help your brand find more meaningful connections with customers and eventually have a long-lasting relationship with them.

Adel Zsurzsan
Adel Zsurzsan

Adel Zsurzsan started as a Service Desk Analyst at transcosmos Information System. Currently based in transcosmos Hungary office, she now serves as the company's Business Development Advisor, helping the company grow and explore partnerships and opportunities. She speaks fluent English, Dutch, Romanian, Hungarian, German, French and Spanish.

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