Top IT Infrastructure Trends in 2016

IT companies who rely heavily on data collection, storage, and dissemination should invest in an IT infrastructure management. Considering IT’s wide landscape, every company needs a robust framework to keep the data organized and ready for use.
With cloud computing and system automation fast becoming a trend in most businesses, the need for IT infrastructure is stronger than ever. However, IT infrastructure, just like everything else, comes and goes.
To keep your company afloat and thriving, you need to follow such trends in IT this 2016.

Multimedia Collaboration

An IT company must have the necessary tools that cater to the tech-savvy market. A collaboration of media such as video, chat, document sharing, and voice benefits almost everyone these days.
You see mobile phones with apps like these or technologies that put together a variety of features to make information dissemination and communication easier.

Data Exploration

Creating a data center is easier said than done. Then again, it can be achieved through data exploration. It is important to identify the types of data needed in the center, the sources of such data, and the network in which the data would flow.
Data can be stored, retrieved, managed in multiple accounts, kept in volumes, and integrated with other technologies. You just have to know which way best suits your goals and does not create too deep a dent in your company’s budget.

Go for Automation

Days, when you had to do each task manually, is almost gone. Though there are companies that continue the practice, others have ventured out into automating their systems.
For instance, your finance team can automate accounting management while your communications department can send automatic mass emails to clients. Investing in automation makes your team more efficient.

Invest in Security Applications

More threats, viruses, and malware circulate the web nowadays. There is no limit to a hacker’s capacity, but there is a limit to what they can get from you.
You can secure data through next-gen firewalls, apps, and cloud services that analyze user behavior and suspicious patterns to identify any malicious attacks.

Combine Agile and Traditional IT Infrastructures

Provide clever solutions and keep your services up-to-date and relevant by combining traditional and agile IT infrastructures. This bimodal capability helps your company be more productive and efficient. The process and delivery of services are fast and reliable as well.

Take Risks in Infrastructures

“No normal” is the new normal. Break away from the safe route and try your hand in new and unorthodox ways to speed up your IT services and gather more clients.

Rely on Crowdsourcing

End the traditional helpdesk by powering up crowdsourcing. Use the web to provide troubleshooting tips and answers to other IT-related concerns.
Blogs and apps virtually have a solution to everything, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Consumers prefer being proactive than by calling the helpdesk to fix IT issues.
Are you going to invest in these IT infrastructures? The answer depends on you and what you want for your company. You do not have to include all seven trends in your list, rather determine the ones that reflect the goals of your business and what best suits your clients.

James Patterson
James Patterson

James Patterson, Head of Business Development, Global Corporate Clients joined transcosmos in 2007. He oversees business development and sales and marketing initiatives throughout the EMEA and APAC regions for transcosmos IT and Customer Support Services, managing a team of sales professionals and consultants in these territories. James fully understands and supports the requirements and challenges of complex IT Support and Customer Service environments, having guided an array of large organizations through the consultative process of developing complex solutions to fit the customer’s needs. Previous to transcosmos, James was a regional Sales Manager in the Health and Leisure Industry winning many awards for exceeding sales targets and being innovative.

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