Customer service is a crucial aspect of modern day businesses. In this fast paced world, the importance of possessing a quality IT support is clearly obvious. To ensure your customers are provided assistance with your products and services, your IT support should never be overlooked.

If you could identify what the one biggest problem about customer service is, what would it be? There are a ton of common mistakes that customer service reps make, such as failing to follow up or not building a relationship, but there’s one single problem that above all things should be avoided or fixed as soon as possible: Not being the solution.

We’ve seen the best and the worst this week in the customer service industry. The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) has revealed this year’s Top 10 US Retailers with the Worst Customer Service, and two new studies came out with some interesting data on Customer Experience. Here are 5 things we learn about UK and US consumers this week.

Merlin Information Systems, for the past 23 years, have been passionate about two things: PEOPLE and TECHNOLOGY, and how equally important these two are in propelling any business forward. We compiled 10 powerful quotes that will totally change the way you look at managing your people, and inspire you to empower your employees to be the best they can be.

We can’t deny it. Businesses have to pay even more attention to Customer Service and Customer Experience (CX) this year and beyond. Taking it from top industry experts, here are 5 ways to improve Customer Experience this 2014.

How many companies put back into the business what they get out of it? Isn’t this one of the key rules for a successful business? If you are working in customer service, what should be the first item in your agenda for 2014? Improving and exceeding at customer service — really exceeding at it!

Merlin’s CEO Richard Patterson shares his thoughts on corporate responsibility and how Merlin can be more proactive in 2014. Merlin wants to give back just a little to the Filipino people who have grown to be not just our colleagues, but our friends.

Flexibility and empowerment creates a happy employee and a happier team. When employees are happy, they work harder because they feel appreciated in their work. When employees work harder, customers are treated better and therefore happier.

If there are two things about Macmillan’s mission that resonate well with us here at Merlin—it’s our passion for students and technology. Because of this shared passion, Merlin’s partnership with Macmillan is a constant source of fulfillment and inspiration. Read more about our partnership with Macmillan New Ventures.

The Adopt a School Program is our first major CSR program here in the Philippines and it aims to extend a helping hand by supporting a public school for a period of one year. Read all about our first outreach program at Kapitan Eddie Memorial Elementary School last November.