Want to learn how successful companies made it big through extraordinary customer service? Here are tips from top CEOs that we can all apply.

Excellent customer service can only be provided by excellent customer service agents. So what characterizes these best performing service reps? Check this list of traits and see if you have them in your team.

Proven to be advantageous, it can also be disastrous if you do not know how to properly deal with angry customers who vent their ire, frustration and disappointment in social media. Angry customers can be a lot to deal with, more so when they are venting through social media so approach the matter carefully.

Angry customers aren’t people we would like to deal with everyday but in the customer service industry, we have to on an everyday basis. While resolving a customer’s complaint is the main priority, the ultimate goal is to have angry customers love your company. Is it possible to make angry customers love you?

Growing up, we know dads can fix anything broken around the house or create something cool for Show-and-Tell. They would do anything to make their kids happy. So when things go wrong or when their kids’ wishes are beyond them, having great customer service to team up with can produce touching memories that are worth sharing and celebrating this Father’s Day.

Offering multilingual support is just one of the demands in the customer service industry that when met, can generate additional revenue on both ends. But how do we build an efficient multilingual customer support system? We list five ways to ensure great customer service delivery is done across language barriers.

If you are working in the customer service industry, it is safe to say that you will be dealing with angry customers 80% of the time. While you can’t control problems or complaints due to bad service or malfunctioning products, you can control what you say to customers who are already upset. Here are five things that you should never say to an angry customer if you don’t want an already terse conversation go from bad to worse.

There is no doubt about it, our mothers are our greatest teachers. The saying, “Everything I need to know, I learned from kindergarten”, should be changed to “Everything I need to know, I learned from my mother.” And if we, as children, took our mother’s advice to heart, we would have no problems dealing with the world as adults today. This holds especially true in the customer service industry.

People nowadays turn to addressing business through social media channels for customer service inquiries, issues, and complaints. We all know that customer feedback is spread like wildfire in social media and this holds true for businesses too. It has become essential therefore, to have interactive social media presence to deliver good customer service. Customers (existing or potential) would rather address you through Facebook or Twitter than pick up a phone and call or send an e-mail.

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