Here at Merlin, we love sharing customer service stories; especially ones that inspire and help improve your customer service approach. That said, we give you the best and worst customer service stories of 2014.

The holiday season is not called the most wonderful time of the year for no reason. People love the holidays! But for small business owners, the holidays may mean stressful days ahead not to mention costly too.

The holiday season is overwhelming for customers. Having worked with many giant corporations and small businesses for over two decades, we’ve seen how crazy the holiday season can be. It’s …

Experiences stay with customers and make doing business more meaningful. An amazing customer experience is what builds loyal customers and keeps them coming back. So how do you make sure that amazing customer experience is at the heart of what you do?

Disgruntled customers cannot be avoided during the holiday frenzy. Learn how to handle them in order to minimize the negative effects of the situation to your business.

Don’t be one of those businesses that always go back to those old reliable standby’s. Get those creative juices flowing and dial up the fun factor with these amusing ideas that are sure to level up the customer experience this holiday season.

Finding the sweet spot between delivering speedy but leisurely customer service consistently is a unique business attribute that can become a real competitive advantage.

Before you can give an excellent customer service, you must first have your employees in an excellent state of mind. In this post, we will guide you how you can recognize and empower your employees to ensure quality customer service delivery.

The worst customer service training strategy is telling your employees to just blindly follow set rules on handling issues and complaints. This happens when the employees are not given a certain level of freedom to offer solutions and are not allowed to bend the rules in favor of the customer even if the solution does not hurt the business.

No matter how busy they may be running the company, executives in high positions who take time to “serve” their customers show what their company’s focus and values are about—the people. Take cue from these CEOs who have been hands-on in their customer service and why you should also start this gesture to satisfy your own customers: