transcosmos Shares Macmillan New Ventures’ Passion for Students and Technology

Macmillan and transcosmosMacmillan New Ventures brings innovative technologies and products that make learning more engaging. Based in New York City, they serve as the bridge between the best tech startups and best learning institutions to bring technological advancements to campuses.
Macmillan New Ventures portfolio companiesinclude i>clicker, a technology that allows users to interact through question-and-answer polling, and PrepU, a study management platform that customizes learning environments according to users’ knowledge levels.

Students helping students

transcosmos and Macmillan New Ventures started working together in June 2013. More specifically, we provide technical support for i>clicker and PrepU. Because of the nature of these applications, the customers we support are basically university students and teachers. We love seeing the growth of i>clicker and PrepU’s customer base as evidenced by the number of calls we get over time.
To give a little background, transcosmos partners with some of the most prominent universities here in Debrecen, allowing us to reach out and give job opportunities to both working students and fresh graduates looking to start their careers. Our team supporting Macmillan is, in fact, a young team. Some of them just graduated or about to graduate from the university. Because their university life is not a distant memory, these students know exactly how Macmillan’s products can benefit students like them.
One customer speaks to this very issue:
“The support I received was extremely helpful. Judit spoke in a very professional and patient manner. She made me feel comfortable and to tell the truth, I was kind of sad when I had to hang up. I might call again and pretend to have technical difficulties just so I can talk to her again.”

We love working with students!

Not only do we love talking to students, we love working with them. Here are some of the reasons why:
1. They don’t have a lot of professional experience, but they do have a lot of experience dealing with different types of people from diverse cultures, which is important when you’re buildling a career in customer support.
2. They’re young and energetic, which is perfect for our shifting schedules and flexible company culture.
3. They’re very passionate and eager to learn, which is exactly what we need in an ever-dynamic industry such customer support and information technology.
4. They’re technologically advanced and well-versed in emerging technologies, which is important in the fields of expertise that transcosmos has been known for through the years.

A soft spot for students

No wonder Macmillan New Ventures has built its business model around helping students learn and grow. Students are the future’s world leaders, business owners, managers and homemakers. And shaping the minds of students is like shaping the future.
To end, if there are two things about Macmillan’s mission that resonate well with us here at transcosmos—it’s our passion for students and technology. Because of this shared passion, transcosmos partnership with Macmillan is a constant source of fulfillment and inspiration.

Adel Zsurzsan

Adel Zsurzsan started as a Service Desk Analyst at transcosmos Information System. Currently based in transcosmos Hungary office, she now serves as the company's Business Development Advisor, helping the company grow and explore partnerships and opportunities. She speaks fluent English, Dutch, Romanian, Hungarian, German, French and Spanish.