How Your Content Marketing Strategy Benefits from Your Customer Service, and Vice Versa

Let’s cut to the chase, customer service and content marketing go hand and hand and must therefore have a harmonious relationship in order for both to be effective.
Your marketing strategy is what draws customers in. Together with stellar customer service, it can be used to build better customer relationships, improve customer retention and increase revenue.
On the other hand, excellent customer service also benefits the marketing aspect of your business, including content marketing. Here’s how.

Great customer service is a unique selling point.

Great customer service, when done right, can be your best marketing strategy. It gives your business a unique selling point and you can use your web and other online content a portal for that.
Having stellar customer service sets you apart from your competitors and encourages your customers to keep coming back to you while referring new customers as well. There are times when customers actually choose a business primarily because of their customer service.
Keeping your customers happy will generate good reviews and increase sales. At the same time, it’s something you can spin your content around. After all, you’re not just selling your product or service. You’re selling customer service too.

Good customer service helps you understand customer behavior.

You can’t create great content without studying your audience first. Knowing your audience in and out will help you develop content that would be most valuable to them. Audience research can be conducted via customer service as your staff is already there to talk to your customers.
For instance, customer service can help you determine the demographics of your audience, which will help you address what’s most important to them and what affects their buying actions. For instance, what motivates a millennial to buy a product may be different from what motivates a baby boomer.
Audience insights from social customer care will also help you determine what time your audience is active on a certain platform and which images, keywords and tone to use in your posts. Conducting audience research is crucial, enabling you to take into account all the important elemets that make up your audience before you develop your content.

It can help you develop solutions for your customers’ pain points.

Customer service can likewise help you determine your customers’ pain points. Discovering these is as easy as asking them questions about the challenges they are experiencing and how your products and services are helping manage them or not.
Using these pain points to create content is a great idea. Not only will they give you something to write or talk about on your website or social media platforms, it will also help you provide effective solutions to your customers’ problems, which they will no doubt appreciate. Seeing that you care enough to address their problems will make your customers happy and will encourage them to keep buying from you.

Happy customers can give you great testimonials.

Great content need not be generated by your business alone. Your customers can help you curate them as well. Customer service can help you determine who your most loyal and most vocal customers are and you can ask them to help market your business by sharing their personal stories with your audience.
For instance, you can use customer service to invite your customers to answer a quick survey. You can create content based on the results. You can likewise film some of your best customers giving their testimonials for video content. Further, you can develop a community, support group or help desk online that will encourage your customers to talk and help each other out.
At the end of the day, your business will not survive without your customers. Knowing how to use your customer service in order to create better content will only help you serve your audience better.