How to Treat All Your Customers Like A-Listers

When it comes to V.I.P. treatment, we can all learn a thing or two from Hollywood A-listers, in terms of providing excellent customer service.
We know that wherever they go, they are topmost priority, always given the best of whatever is offered, with all of their requests (and even crazy whims) granted.
You don’t want to get on their bad side, because you know how one negative remark from them can ruin your lifelong reputation and media will have a field day exposing your error and rub it in your face.
This same principle applies to every customer.
So why not use this perspective with every client you interact with? After all, customers are our V.I.P.s and A-listers. How do you do this? Well, just like in Hollywood you…

  • Put the spotlight on the customer.

    Drop everything, if you have to, to attend to their concerns. Greet them with enthusiasm. Listen to what they are saying and address their needs right away. Be sincerely happy that you get to assist them. Customers must be your focus and you literally would do anything to make sure he leaves your door satisfied and happy.

  • Roll out the red carpet.

    Provide your best solutions to your customers’ problems. Give them outrageous deals that they will be delighted about. Offer omni-channel customer service and make it more convenient for them to reach you. In other words, let your customers feel that they are highly valued like how stars are esteemed when walking down the red carpet.

  • Set the stage.

    Before any celebrity would go onstage, organizers make sure that everything is set-up to a T for an outstanding performance. Do the same for your customers. Take note of the particulars like their personal preferences and special events in their lives among many others, and mention it the next time you interact with them. Pamper them and let them feel you appreciate them for doing business with you. Show your customers that you place importance on these things because you want them to know that you are mindful of them even in the small things.

  • Know their names.

    Remembering your customers’ names is very important in customer service. Customers appreciate it when they are addressed by their names or titles that are significant to them. Personalize your service delivery with every customer, such as putting names on their discount cards as part of your loyalty program or just simply calling out their names with a friendly and happy tone when they call you or drop in your store.

  • Give them an award.

    When celebrities do well in their performances, they get an Oscar or a Grammy. Your customers are just as amazing as these celebrities for being loyal to your brand. So be generous with rewards or freebies. Acknowledge their dedication to your company by giving them something special as a token of your appreciation. It can also be a free product test just because their opinion matters a lot to you. You can also send items for them to promote at no extra cost. Things like these are customers’ simple joys and it makes them feel prized by the brands they are patronizing.

When you shift to customer-centric view, giving a red carpet treatment to all your customers will be your immediate call to action. Treat your customers like superstars and we assure you a blockbuster hit in your customer service delivery.