Does Company Culture Affect Customer Service Quality?

Believe it or not, a customer on the other end of the line can sense the atmosphere in your workplace just by your tone. They can also feel if you are sincere in helping them out or just simply doing your job to get the issue over and done with.
You may not be aware of it but your delivery of customer service is for the most part influenced by your company’s work behavior. Customer relationship management experts can predict how effective your customer service will be just by observing your company’s office culture. So how does company culture affect customer service quality? We have noted the following:

 1. Culture of Engagement

This shows the employees’ dedication and ownership to the work assigned to them. When the customer service reps embrace their core functions and understand it then there will be increase in their good performance. Their team orientation reflects efficient working relationships among them. They also respond well towards company decisions that affect them. As for the management side, they provide opportunities for their employees to hone their skills and develop their knowledge through training and the like.

 2. Culture of Values

Every company has set of values that they focus on. If these values are emphasized regularly in every aspect of work, it will show consistency of the company that will help employees work with its systems and processes as well as principles and policies. For example, the company stresses on their core value of integrity and excellence then it will surely be seen in how the customer service reps relate to their customers.

 3. Culture of Stress Management

The ability to adapt to the transitions within the company such policy changes or work adjustments as well as external factors like social effectiveness is a character trait that should be practiced in the workplace. The way employees manage their stress may indirectly affect their performances. If it is culture in the office to go get drunk to release stress, then surely expect tardiness arise among the team or worse the stress is lashed out at customers. Providing better options to release stress within your workplace reaps greater return.

 4. Culture of Goal and Focus

With goal and focus in your company culture, accomplishing the company’s mission and vision as well as weekly objectives like customer satisfaction rate is more achievable. When these traits are instilled among your customer service reps, you can be assured that the quality of customer service will improve greatly.

 5. Culture of Trust

This culture is vital regardless of work setting. When trust is esteemed by the workers in the company, staff and managers alike, the atmosphere in the workplace is much lighter. The usual negative feelings by customer service reps toward their bosses are immediately neutralized by having a culture of trust established within the company. There will be less employee issues to deal with if the company management puts high value on their workers’ trust. As a result, everyone will be more confident to do their jobs and will rest assured that their welfare are in the company’s best interests.
It is true that your immediate surrounding has an impact on how you behave at work—this applies in customer service too. Having a healthy company culture, like what we have mentioned, is beneficial for customer service reps to perform their jobs better and provide quality customer service to your clients. See if your workplace have these office cultures and work at developing them to ensure a symbiotic relationship among customer service reps, the management and the customers.