DHL: Going Over and Beyond the Call of Duty

The most successful businesses are those who care more than just profit, but also its responsibility to its customers, employees, the environment and the society.
We all know DHL as being one of the world’s leading courier and postal service providers. Present in over 120,000 destinations in 220 countries across the globe, DHL has a workforce that’s made of almost 500,000 employees, catering to over 4 million customers worldwide. But more than just providing international solutions for shipment and logistics, DHL has been widely recognized by various sectors for going over and beyond expectations.
DHLHere are 3 important values businesses should learn from DHL:

Exceptional and Specialized Customer Service

DHL has contact centers located strategically around the world, making sure that every phone call, voice chat, email, and customer concern is attended to. And because DHL caters to various industry sectors, they deploy customer support teams that specializes in the distinct requirements of each sector.
While some companies survive with subpar customer service, the ones who take the extra mile in this department gain more trust, credibility, and support from repeat customers as well as potential ones.  We’ve seen many companies stand out in this area, and the long-term human effect of providing amazing customer service is simply remarkable.
We cannot reiterate enough the importance of putting together a solid customer support team. Jerry Hsu, CEO of DHL Express Asia Pacific, says, “As an international trade facilitator, we recognized that the company’s success lies not only in listening to what our customers want, but more importantly, acting on it quickly and effectively.”
Taking customer service as a serious business, DHL has invested in the following:

  • Customer Support Experts
  • Customer Service Trainings
  • Customer Relationship Management

All of this put together results to DHL being a global leader, not just in the courier business but also in customer service.

Motivating and Building Up Employees

DHL shows an exemplary commitment to building up its employees, and it benefits them in various levels.
First, motivated employees are bound to perform excellent work, resulting to better customer relations and service. Second, happy employees make a happy work place, and vice versa; this results to higher employee retention, and more people wanting to work for DHL. Third, the success of their employees gives even more value to the company as an organization, which also equates to the company’s success.
There are many ways by which companies can motivate and build up employees. Some of the projects DHL implements to empower their workforce are the following:

  • Employee Community Involvement
  • Educational Funds
  • Leadership Trainings
  • Scholarships for Employees’ Children
  • Employee Appreciation Week
  • We Help Each Other (WHEO) Relief Funds

With projects like this, the company imparts its values to its employees, encouraging them not only to perform well but also to become better human beings.

Social, Corporate and Environmental Responsibility

One of DHL’s mission is to “make a positive contribution to the world.”
In that note, they launched an initiative called “GoGreen” which aims to provide environment-friendly products and services that reduce climate-damaging elements. This includes utilizing optimized transport routes, modern aircrafts, alternative drive vehicles (DHL crew riding on bikes!) and energy-efficient warehouses.
DHL also introduced GoTeach, an educational program that gives opportunities to young people to be ready for the working class. And GoHelp, a disaster management program in coordination with the United Nations, where DHL involves itself in global relief efforts through its logistic expertise and volunteerism.
Commitment to humanitarian purposes like this is an opportunity to create value, not just for the society and the environment, but also for the company and its employees’ well-being.

* * *

Truly there’s nothing more satisfying than making customers happy, contributing to the success of employees, and making the world a better place. Achieving these higher goals somehow makes earning a profit just the icing in the cake. Hands down to DHL for going over and beyond the call of duty.

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Adel Zsurzsan

Adel Zsurzsan started as a Service Desk Analyst at transcosmos Information System. Currently based in transcosmos Hungary office, she now serves as the company's Business Development Advisor, helping the company grow and explore partnerships and opportunities. She speaks fluent English, Dutch, Romanian, Hungarian, German, French and Spanish.