DDOS attacks. What do they mean?

What is a DDOS attack? 
DDOS AttacksDDOS is an abbreviation of Distributed Denial of Service. This means that multiple systems get infected with a Trojan virus. This virus is used to target a single system which defines the Denial of Service attack. If you become a victim of such sort of attack your data can become exposed and can be used by the hacker and whoever they pass your information onto. It can target a single IP address or it can attack multiple addresses. It is still difficult to find out whether the traffic to your website is attack traffic or if it is users so sometimes it can be quite easy to become subject to attack.
What can we do to prevent DDOS attacks?
Be aware that everybody is subject to the attack, even yourself

  1. They might be cheap but they are difficult to stop once they have been launched
  2. Prepare for an attack – make sure that you have a plan of action
  3. Keep checking your network regularly
  4. Secure potential bottlenecks
  5. Look beyond the attacks and what other areas will need maintenance and protecting if they became subject to attack
  6. Be aware they can target multiple applications to attack

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