Business Lessons from Ryanair’s Success Story

BBC News recently featured Ryanair’s success story—from almost closing down in 1988 to totally changing its business model in the 1990s, to now being one of the world’s leading airlines. Here are some of our takeaways from Ryanair’s success story.

Customer Service at its Finest: Keeping it Cool and Displaying Grace in the Face of an Irate Customer

A video circulated the web last week about a woman who went bonkers at Dunkin Donuts, demanding free food for a receipt she didn’t receive, and recording herself on video at that. What she thought would get her lots of support from social media for exposing bad customer service backfired on her; instead, the employee/s who endured the wrath of Taylor Chapman that day earned a much-deserved recognition from the world wide web and from Dunkin Donuts itself.

How do we love Zendesk, let us count the ways

Since we integrated Zendesk across our systems in June 2011, we never looked back. Being in the customer support business for more than 20 years, we know the value of an efficient helpdesk and seamless ticketing management solutions in supporting clients from a wide range of industries. So.. how do we, here at Merlin, love Zendesk? Let us count the ways.

5 Steps to Launching Customer Support via Social Media

With this growing awareness of social care as a medium to directly communicate to companies, more and more businesses are riding the social media bandwagon; this time, not just to market their products, but to build customer relations and watch over their backs for nasty, reputation-damaging complaints. If you haven’t been using social media as a tool for customer service, here are 5 steps to get you started.