Case Study: DHL Brazil & Benelux

The Company

DHL is one of the leading courier and postal service providers in the world. Present in over 120,000 destinations in 220 countries, they have a workforce that’s made of almost 500,000 professionals catering to 8 million customers worldwide. With offices in 30 different cities, DHL spans a wide range of cultures and communities, each with its own opportunities to chase and challenges to face.
DHL Brazil alone operates with 8,000 employees, while DHL Benelux operations involve 12,000 employees.


The Challenge

DHL employees work diverse roles in various business divisions and therefore have a wide range of skills and expertise—customer service, engineering, logistics, business development, sales and marketing, even aviation. And each employee needs various levels of technical support in order to accomplish his job.
With thousands of technical applications required to get the job done, DHL needed to outsource their technical support requirements to people they can trust.

The Extra Challenge: Bridging the Language Barrier

DHL Brazil and DHL Benelux do not only need an IT support team who knows what they’re doing, they needed agents who speak their native tongue—Brazilian Portugese. Incidentally, transcosmos has been providing multilingual IT and customer support services for over 20 years, covering a wide range of European languages. Because of this specific expertise, transcosmos fits DHL’s requirements perfectly.


In August 2010, transcosmos started providing Desk Side Support for DHL Brazil.

transcosmos desk-side support team can seamlessly blend in with your on-site team to help handle simple and complex IT issues. transcosmos offers a highly skilled desk-side support team who are responsible for issues related to desktops, laptops, and peripherals.

Some of the most common operational concerns of DHL employees are Outlook issues, wifi and internet connection problems, web-based application solutions, password resets, OS configurations, and software installations. They need support for various network applications that allow them to communicate with co-workers across the globe, as well as with their customers. Often they also need assistance in fixing hardware problems such as printer setup, Blackberry activation, and laptop & desktop configurations.
On average, transcosmos takes 1,900 to 2,300 calls from DHL employees per month.
Simplicity! transcosmos makes the complex easy and the services transparent,” says DHL’s Head of Global Help Desk. By off-loading their complex IT requirements to transcosmos, DHL employees are able to focus more on their other specialized tasks.

Mutual Admiration & Support

Because of the level of trust and satisfaction that was built over a year of partnership, DHL also entrusted their Benelux office’ IT requirements to transcosmos care beginning October 2011.
In November 2012, DHL Express recognized a transcosmos employee, Zsofia Rozsnyai, as the Best Service Desk Agent of the year, and in March 2013 another transcosmos employee, Edina Farkas, received a DHL award for Service Excellence.
The transcosmos team is providing excellent support,” said Tomas Denemark, DHL’s Service Delivery Manager. “We’re happy to have this strategic partnership in place for meeting our future requirements.”
transcosmos is more than happy to be part of DHL’s success. Their workmanship and values as a company make working with them a rewarding experience, inspiring us to go over and beyond the call of duty ourselves.