Tablets in the Call Center, really?

Call Center TabletAgents no longer want a big PC in front of them, with fans blurring and the ill feeling of working in a low cost call centre environment. So how long before agents are using a Call Centre Tablet?
The main advantage of using a tablet is portability, portability allows our agent workforce, their team leaders, and management more flexibility in where and how they work. The tablets need the call center software, VOIP telephone and a headset.
Many Contact Center system vendors already offer live agent and call stats apps on iPad and iPhone, these are ideal for the Team Leader to keep tabs on their desks performance and the Service Delivery Manager aware of quality at any time of the day.

So how long before the Agent’s Contact Center app is on a Tablet?

That may be a few years away, not because of technology, but because of the traditional way we manage our staff. It is likely to start in two places:
1. In small internal IT service desks, where staff need to work in a flexible way and cannot always be at their desk.
2. In 24 hour service desks that rely on a workforce being able to work flexible shifts sometime from home, a lightweight tablet and headphone makes this option a possibility.
It this something that interests you? Message us. Let’s talk.
transcosmos partners with Zendesk, a cloud based CSM provider. Zendesk’s mobile solutions allow agents and managers keep in touch via tickets notification in real-time, view and respond to tickets, and be there for the customer 24/7/365.

James Patterson
James Patterson

James Patterson, Head of Business Development, Global Corporate Clients joined transcosmos in 2007. He oversees business development and sales and marketing initiatives throughout the EMEA and APAC regions for transcosmos IT and Customer Support Services, managing a team of sales professionals and consultants in these territories. James fully understands and supports the requirements and challenges of complex IT Support and Customer Service environments, having guided an array of large organizations through the consultative process of developing complex solutions to fit the customer’s needs. Previous to transcosmos, James was a regional Sales Manager in the Health and Leisure Industry winning many awards for exceeding sales targets and being innovative.

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