18 Best Websites to Learn Computer Troubleshooting and Tech Support

One of the worst things that could happen to you is for your computer to suddenly stop working. You know something’s wrong, but figuring out the reason or coming up with a fix sometimes do not come too easy.

In such situations, you could choose from several options. You can find some workaround through thousands of video tutorials on YouTube or from online sources that provide step-by-step instructions on computer troubleshooting. You can also contact your seller who will probably ask you to bring the unit for checkup or repair. Then, there are third-party IT outsourcing service providers who you can hire to fix your machine.

And as you realize that nothing appears to work, that’s when you know you better get started acquiring troubleshooting skills. Although you could enroll in formal courses, there’s also the convenient option of self-study on dedicated websites that will teach you everything you need to know about the subject. And the best thing is that many of these websites offer free services.

Here’s a rundown of the top websites, in alphabetical order, which can provide you the proper know-how in computer troubleshooting and tech support:


1. Bleeping Computer

Whether you’re a Mac or PC user, you can find troubleshooting help on this site. It has a very organized look to it featuring a forum, glossary, and tutorials to help you find information about various computer issues fast.


2. BrightHub.com

The site prides itself as an excellent source of information, advice, and tutorials on computer software and hardware, troubleshooting, and security, to name a few. It has a searchable database of articles that is updated monthly by its stable of regular contributors.


3. Computer Hope

Computer Hope lives up to its name, as visiting the site will never give you the feeling that you have reached a dead end in your search for assistance with your computers. From its FAQs to troubleshooting tips, listing of computer companies, forums, online chat, and email, you’ll find something useful for sure.


4. Dummies

Contrary to its name, the site caters to both dummies and professionals with detailed instructions and tips, a large collection of articles, and very useful how-to guides for troubleshooting your PC.


5. GitHub

If Facebook is for the socially active millennials and silver surfers, GitHub is the platform for software developers coming together to share codes for those in the tech community.


6. Mac101

Apple and Mac users are, of course, the ones mainly benefiting from this site’s tutorials, especially those who are new to the platform. Topics of interest range from working with your Mac, support information for Apple products, troubleshooting wireless networking, and hardware and software advice.


7. Microsoft Knowledge Base at Microsoft Support

The large user base of Microsoft Windows will find invaluable support from this knowledge base. The site has a full library of troubleshooting tips and tutorials culled from experts, users, and other parties familiar to some of the most common issues in the entire lineup of Microsoft products.


8. PC Tech Bytes

If you’re feeling rather unsure about asking the most basic of computer problems, this is the go-to site for you. Its forum members will have no problem entertaining all types of questions on their message board.


9. Reddit

You might be familiar with this site since it’s one of the most populated forums among people with high technology IQ. Reddit is also best known for its Ask Me Anything session with leading computer companies like Apple, Intel, and Microsoft, among many others, to tackle news and updates about their products.


10. Slashdot

This site is home to a host of technology-related content submitted by users, which is made available to others looking for information or insights regarding a particular topic. Similar to Reddit, Slashdot has a moderator to keep the discussions in check.


11. Stack Overflow

This is another community dedicated to help software developers on coding-related issues with a Q&A platform specifically for the purpose of spreading useful information about programming or software algorithms.


12. TechGuy

You can get support from this forum about operating systems, software and hardware, emailing and networking, and many more areas in computer use. The feedback you get is almost instant as countless members of the online site usually monitor the forums.

13. Technibble Forums

Expert computer users reserve this forum to answer questions about basic troubleshooting, web development, and other computer repair problems.


14. TechSpot

If you’re encountering issues with your computer hardware and software, including tweaking and operating systems, you can head to TechSpot forums to post your questions. You’ll also have access to computer news, reviews, and driver downloads.


15. TechTutorials

This hub offers both preventive and remedial tutorials that you can search by topic right from the site, including Cisco, Linux, Mac, Windows, and so much more.


16. Tek-Tips

The site’s forums are extremely helpful for advanced users, although even common problems like Windows shutting down are also welcome for discussion or consultation here.


17. The Code Project

Its roughly 9 million registered members are manning the site’s discussion boards, answering questions, and providing expert advice about software development and coding issues.


18. transcosmos

One of the pioneers in IT support, transcosmos blog is written by a team of highly qualified experts who will teach you in resolving technical issues in your computer systems, as well as in providing reinforcement to your IT desk and infrastructure support.


These websites can be a valuable companion as you set your sight on becoming a computer troubleshooter with tech support skills thrown in the mix. Explore each one of them, and in no time, you may find that you yourself have become experts as well.