Words of Customer Service Wisdom from Shep Hyken’s Twitter [Slideshare]

Shep Hyken is a known persona in the customer service industry. An expert in customer service, Shep Hyken is a sought-after speaker and a best-selling author on matters about developing a winning customer service culture in businesses. We have gathered some gold nuggets of customer service insights from Shep’s Twitter and we are sharing it with you.

What Is the Best Way to Engage with Customers?

When engaging with customers, it is paramount that your business has all bases covered. Customers have different preferences in connecting with various brands and may choose one over the other. However, as far as customer engagement is concerned, companies should be asking which one is the best way?

Customer Service and Social Media, and Why They’re Joined at the Hip

People nowadays turn to addressing business through social media channels for customer service inquiries, issues, and complaints. We all know that customer feedback is spread like wildfire in social media and this holds true for businesses too. It has become essential therefore, to have interactive social media presence to deliver good customer service. Customers (existing or potential) would rather address you through Facebook or Twitter than pick up a phone and call or send an e-mail.