5 Phrases That Surprisingly Make Customers Happy

happycustomers-misglDo you remember when you were kids how your parents would say, “Say the magic word!” every time we want something? And that singular word works like magic every time. Your parents would give in to your requests with a “Please”, anger is automatically dissipated with a “Sorry” and hearts melt with a “Thank you.”
We sometimes forget the magic of words when it comes to customer service. Providing stellar customer service is easier than before, with technology, enhanced training of front liners and a growing awareness of how much superlative customer service can be one’s very best form of marketing.
But there are these phrases when used and spoken with sincerity, which surprisingly make customers happy.

“I don’t know, but this is what I’m going to do.”

Customers want honesty and will always appreciate an answer said truthfully instead of answers sugarcoated with lies. Customers also understand that you will not always have the answer to every question they raise but telling it to them straight and taking ownership of the situation changes things. The key here is making a commitment to do something for them AND keeping your word. So if you tell your customer, you’re going to find out something by 5PM and call them, make sure to do that follow-up call by 5PM or else you will lose their trust.

“I would be frustrated too.”

Empathy goes a long way. Two things happen by saying this statement. You ensure them that their frustration is valid and as an individual, you agree with them. You are not taking sides but are acknowledging human feelings. This actually dissipates terse moments in customer service interactions, making customer service agents feel like a friend too.

“Thank you for letting us know.”

This statement would express appreciation, even if the customer gave criticism or negative feedback. This tells the customer that they’ve done you a favor and that you will be able to improve because of what they have done. Letting them feel they’ve done something to help makes them feel good and makes them feel appreciated and needed by your company. And shouldn’t it be the case every time? We need to show our appreciation for our customers every time.

“I’m happy to help.”

Inserting the word “happy” to describe your feeling in helping them will both help you and the customer. Repeating that mantra all throughout the day can boost your morale and spirits in helping customers, and customers will feel better about you and the company as a whole. Be engaging and bring that to every customer service interaction you will do.

“I’ll fix that for you right now.”

Don’t say “try”, just “do”. Inserting an active verb in your statements when helping out customers makes them feel you are actively solving their problems or issues. The phrase “I will” is actually a declaration that creates an expectation that your actions will be successful – that you will (not might) solve the problem.

Don’t forget the magic word.

Saying sorry goes a long way.

When your company has made a mistake, saying sorry means you are taking responsibility, owning the issue and apologizing for it. Match the word with sincerity and action. Be genuine. And use it sparingly.
Say sorry when your company has truly made a mistake rather than abusing the word when customers are displeased about issues that are beyond your control.
Say sorry with sincerity. Then fix the mess. Offer a solution.
This is how you would be truly saying sorry to your customers.