5 Key Benefits of Corporate Knowledge Base Systems

Knowledge base systems


Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2020 showed that 51% of customers wish to receive an answer to their questions in less than 5 minutes on the phone when they contact companies for support. At Transcosmos we understand the expectations of the customers and utilize the best tools to fulfill their needs. As part of the Transcosmos Knowledge Management System, we create, maintain, and use knowledge base systems to provide our clients with fast, informative, clear, and relevant responses.

Through 5 examples we will demonstrate how beneficial the knowledge base systems are for our organization and customers.

1. Difficult issues can be prioritized

By having an FAQ or an external knowledge base on the website, many customers can find a solution to their questions independently. This allows call center representatives to focus on resolving more difficult customer issues that require assistance. To improve the efficiency of the processes, we may also have internal and external multilingual knowledge bases or FAQ sites which are available in different languages and contain the most frequently asked questions.

2. They help to improve SLA targets

Customers do not want to call us back on the same query several times. Fully resolving their case at the first contact within a short period of time is very important to them. The efficient use of internal knowledge base systems helps us to answer customer queries for the first time and reduce the number of records created for the same case. This improves the First Contact Resolution rate, a key metric for measuring team performance. Solving customers’ problems successfully at the first attempt may also increase customer retention.

3. They are effective tools to handle information

New questions, concerns raised by customers, can be added to efficient knowledge base systems easily, at any time. That information can be communicated to the team promptly. This helps team members to cooperate, increases the team’s productivity and customer satisfaction.

4. They make customers satisfied

External knowledge base systems can be extremely useful for customers. According to Gartner, 70 % of customers use self-service channels during the resolution of their difficulties. There, they can search for articles and information to find immediate answers to most of their questions without further assistance or contacting a support team. This is surely a great benefit and makes customers happy.

5. They help with the onboarding of new employees and remote work

In a knowledge base system, everything is stored in one place. New employees can therefore easily find the information that they need. This is important in remote work, where employees do not always have direct contact with the more experienced colleagues or managers. Knowledge-based systems can also reduce training costs by shortening the training time.


Knowledge base systems are key components of the Transcosmos Knowledge Management System to simultaneously educate our customers and employees. By doing so, we can build trust with our business partners and customers, provide a better user experience, enhance customer engagement, and ensure the satisfaction and self-development of our employees. These factors are essential elements of our business strategy.

How do you leverage your Knowledge Management System?

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