5 Interview Questions for Hiring Future Superstar Customer Support Representatives

interview-questionsCustomer service is mainly dependent on the people who deliver it. Sure you have the channels that will ensure quality customer service, but it will not run as efficiently if not for the people behind it. Hence, hiring the right kind to be part of your customer service team is very essential.
When looking for customer service reps, you carefully filter the applicants who carry the best qualities and skills that meet the requirements of the job. But more importantly, you check their characters and their hearts to serve, as it is the wellspring of how they will delivery customer service.
We have listed five interview questions to guide you in hiring future superstar customer service representatives:

1. Describe customer service in one word.

It is good to ask this first, rather than in the end, as it allows you to see basically how they view customer service. What they say encapsulates their understanding of the job they are applying for. Their word choice will allow you to identify the exceptional ones from the common applicants and will display the depth of their knowledge of customer service—like “lifestyle” versus “assistance.”

2. How do you handle an irate customer who says he will no longer do business with us?

This question will show you how they deal with customers who are angry and frustrated, especially when they threaten to bring their business somewhere else. And they are bound to experience this in one way or another. A stellar customer service rep will display empathy and provide perceptive resolutions to appease the customer and make them stay.

3. What creative ways can you suggest to make customer service more enjoyable for the customer?

Their answer will show their valuable contribute to the improvement of your customer service delivery. It can also be a gauge of their potential to grow in your company because their response can be explored and developed to help you innovate your approach to serving customers.

4. Was there a time you committed an error in your job and how did you resolve it?

This question aims at three things: accuracy, integrity and error recovery. A person’s integrity shows their humility and honesty to own up to their mistakes which is crucial to winning your customers’ trust. Their competence to recover from the error made is also equally significant to avoid lasting damage to your company. Lastly, the gravity of their previous mistake will help you somehow discern their accuracy in managing their tasks as well as have a glimpse of their work habits.

5. Why should we hire you?

Aside from knowing their good qualities, how they respond to this question will exhibit their ability to convince customers, which is vital in customer service. Whether it be offering new products and services or assurance of resolving their problems, their persistence and persuasion skills will be beneficial to your customer service delivery.
Ask the right interview questions and you’re bound to find outstanding customer service reps to hire in your roster that your company will be proud of, and your customers will love.
Image from internships.com.au