35 Must-Follow Blogs to Keep You Updated on the IT Industry in 2016

IT Blogs

The age of information has ushered in blogging, a content phenomenon that has given voices from all over the world a medium to express ideas and ultimately, build an audience.

Different blogs offer a wide range of content for different kinds of audiences. IT services companies and IT professionals produce and consume their share of the bulk too. Many blogs don’t solely focus on IT, some also feature a complete perspective on the different types of technology. Common article topics include Big Data, analytics, cloud computing, the roles they play in shaping Information Technology and how they improve our quality of work and life in general. These blogs are also an excellent place for technology professionals to get up-to-date industry news, as well as for engineers to seek inspiration in creating new projects.

But while the content revolution has greatly contributed to the distribution of knowledge, the surge of available information has also made the worldwide wen a noisy and overwhelming environment. To help separate valuable content from the clutter of information on the internet, here’s a roundup of the best places to get the inside scoop on IT, system administration, database management, and technology in general:

  1. TechCrunch

1 - Techcrunch
This website is devoted to profiling startups, reviewing new products, and delivering breaking tech news. A leading technology media property, TechCrunch, was founded in June 2005, and its network of websites now reach 12 million unique visitors and draw more than 37 million page views per month.

Furthermore, the TechCrunch community now includes more than 2 million friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and other social media sites—saying much about the site’s influence.

  1. Gizmodo

2 - Gizmodo
A popular blog about gadgets and technology, Gizmodo went live in 2002 and has grown to be Gawker Media’s most successful blog, driving more than 100 million page views a month in traffic. Gizmodo tackles a variety of topics about electronics and a wide range of gadgets that early adopters and innovators are sure to appreciate.

  1. GigaOM

3 - Gigaom
GigaOM is a reliable source for news, events, and a fresh perspective on tech innovations. Their content, which also comprise of industry and product analyses, provides deep insightful context to help executives, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts make smarter decisions.

  1. ZDNet

4 - ZDnet
ZDNet boasts a global reach and local depth by delivering 24/7 news coverage and analysis on the trends, technologies, and opportunities that matter to IT professionals. This site has you covered—from investigating options to optimizing IT processes. ZDNet is the destination for professionals seeking to research technology-related issues and solve business technology problems.

  1. VentureBeat

5 - VentureBeat
VentureBeat tackles disruptive technology and painstakingly explains why it matters in our lives. Led by Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Matt Marshall, and a team of experienced journalists, they are a leading publication for news and perspectives on the most innovative technologies available today.

  1. CNET

6 - CNet
CNET keeps you updated with the latest consumer technology breakthroughs—what’s new, what matters, and how technology can enrich your life. The website provides information, tools, and advice that will help you decide what to buy and how to get the most out of the tech in your life. One of the services it’s most famous for is providing excellent product reviews, which all of us I’m sure are grateful for.

  1. Data Smart Solutions

7 - Data Smart
Data Smart Solutions banks on the statement that today, it’s all about the data. Data-powered cities and data-driven strategies are the staples of today’s responsive cities.

A website by the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation Initiative at Harvard’s Kennedy School, this blog offers a comprehensive perspective on how data can drive civic innovation, improve public health, and boost societal engagement.

  1. Engaging Cities

8 - Engaging Cities
Providing a plethora of helpful information for planners, architects, and local officials, Engaging Cities finds purpose in more than just producing content. The blog inspires groups of people to embrace new technologies and approaches, and ultimately, to collaborate. Contributors are encouraged to share their research, ideas, experiments, and successes with the rest of the community.

  1. TechTank

9 - Techtank
The Brookings Institution’s TechTank blog is where policy meets science and technology. The blog explores how developments in these policy areas affect healthcare, education, economic development, and more.

  1. Cisco Blog- Small Biz

10 - Cisco Blogs
Cisco Systems’ employees are made up of a group of folks that really understand small business. This blog brings together experts in small business IT. They inform readers about th significant issues and challenges of running and growing small businesses.

  1. Fountainhead

11 - FountainHead
Ken Oestreich is a cloud and virtualization marketer for EMC and the writer behind Fountainhead with unparalleled knowledge when it comes to IT. He compares and contrasts cloud computing with real-world examples, encouraging his readers to challenge their limits on everything—from data and beyond.

  1. The Citrix Blog

12 - Citrix Blog
An authority in cloud computing and system integration, The Citrix Blog knows a thing or two about virtual, flexible infrastructures. Readers can expect to find strategies, news and advice on the use of a multitude of operating systems and IT platforms.

  1. The Windows Blog

13 - Windows Blog
Of course! How can it not have its own? The Windows Blog offers readers official information on—you guessed it—all things Windows. This includes the mobile phone OS as well as the desktop versions so users can look for troubleshooting advice and other tips to make their experience a more productive one.

  1. Threatpost

14 - Threat Post
You can trust the team at IT security vendor Kaspersky Lab to know their stuff. They share their knowledge with the world at Threatpost, issuing warnings about dangerous malware and worst practices that can leave your IT hardware vulnerable to attack.

  1. OS X Daily

15 - OSX Daily
With Apple’s influence and innovation in the computing space pushing forward, more and more businesses are integrating Apple products into their IT infrastructure. Although not affiliated with Apple, OS X Daily covers everything Apple-related and offers news and useful tips to its readers.

  1. Naked Security

16 - Naked Security
Talk about putting yourself out there—Naked Security is hosted by Sophos. It tends to be smart, hip, and sharp in its coverage of malware, hacking, and data security. This is highly recommended if you’re looking to get your daily fix of information security content.

  1. Gotta Be Mobile

17 - Gotta Be Mobile
With the dawn of the mobile computing age, the days of being tethered to a desk or workstation are long behind us. Gotta Be Mobile is committed to its mantra, digging into the mobile world and offering news, reviews and sneak peeks of the latest offerings in mobile technology.

  1. Wingspan

18 - Wingspan
High performance is the name of the game for Brocade, a networking hardware and software vendor. In its blog Wingspan, Brocade’s company executives offer their insights on data centers and the intricate details of IT networking.

  1. Face2Fujitsu

19 - Fujitsu
Solving problems and building solutions are what the team at Fujitsu aim to offer with their Face2Fujitsu blog. The corporate blog humanizes the company by sharing posts from different employees within the business, touching on the robust technology and products that have made Fujitsu famous.

  1. The Digital Shift

20 - The Digital Shift
Public libraries unlock access to technology for millions of people in America. The Digital Shift tells the story of the evolving library, from the static bookshelf to the vibrant technology community. In addition to news and curated posts, you’ll also find commentaries from some of the brightest minds in information technology.

  1. Digital. NYC

21 - Digital NYC
Digital. NYC is a model tech hub of New York City. This public–private partnership between the city and more than 15 sponsors and content providers keeps technology real in the Big Apple. The execution is as interesting as the content, as you’ll find curated articles on everything—from tech jobs to local courses, to meet-ups, events and news.

  1. ITBusinessEdge.com

22 - IT Business Edge
ITBusinessEdge.com is an all-encompassing site that has to be one of the better tech blogs out there. ITBE is perfect for those in the tech industry. After all, one of the toughest and exciting parts of working in tech is that it’s ever-changing. If you want to stay on top of tech issues and trends affecting your company and the tech industry as a whole, you’d better pay close attention this blog.

  1. Puppet Labs

23 - Puppet Labs
Puppet Labs designs IT automation software and increases the efficiency and speed of cloud computing. It powers thousands of large companies and is renowned for cloud computing technologies. Their blog publishes all kinds of articles with topics ranging from product write-ups, industry news and how-to tips.

  1. ITKnowledge Exchange

24 - IT Knowledge Exchange
If you dig geek discussion, you’ll love this blog! ITKnowledge Exchange is a collaborative forum for IT professionals to ask questions with hard-to-find answers. Users can utilize their database of over 100,000 questions and answers to further research subjects of interest.

  1. TechRepublic

25 - TechRepublic
Dense with content and helpful advice for successful IT practices, TechRepublic helps IT decision makers identify strategies and technologies that can empower workers and streamline processes. The site delivers a unique blend of professional resources, peer-to-peer advice and original content from IT professionals around the world.

  1. Computerworld Blogs

26 - Computer World
The best blogs are usually websites that compile the best articles from several different sources, and Computerworld’s blog is no exception. Remember those mainstream media sources that realized they needed to add blogs to remain viable? Computerworld, being one of the oldest and most respected IT magazines, is a great example. The website provides you with an assortment of great technology blogs to choose from.

  1. Digital Inspiration

29 - Digital Inspiration
Labnol aims to optimize the advantages of software tools, along with web technologies. This site provides guides and reviews around these technology applications that allow users to become more productive through more efficient use of the tools at their disposal.

  1. IBM Developer Works

30 - IBM
IBM Developer Works is a web-based technical resource created by one of the world’s leading IT companies. It caters to IT professionals worldwide and aims to better equip any business’ employees with tools that educate them about handling advanced technologies.

  1. PluralSight

31 - Plural Insight
PluralSight, formally TrainSignal, deals with training IT professionals through intensive classes that provide extensive knowledge into whatever subject is at hand. The approach is much more hands-on while simultaneously retaining practicality.

  1. Information Week Blog

33 - Information Week
Information Week covers software, security issues, cloud computing, Big Data, and focuses on the Windows operating system. The site is replete with content and provides links to news, commentaries, videos, and slideshows.

  1. The Storage Community

34 - The Storage Community
Sponsored by Tech giant IBM, the Storage Community functions as a forum where discussion among IT professionals address any IT storage challenge. Topics and conversations range from cloud storage to data privacy to infrastructure.

  1. Information Technology and Information Foundation

36 - Information Technology & Innovation Foundation
Technology is no longer viewed as a back-office resource but as a tool for driving innovation and open government. The nonprofit Information Technology & Innovation Foundation’s blog makes that statement and tackles a variety of issues that intersect with technology including energy, climate, and politics.

  1. Intellitics Blog

37 - Intellectics
Intellitics blog’s CEO and founder, Tim Bonnemann, is bent on helping public and private sector organizations use technology to improve public participation and collaborative governance. His blog shares interesting takeaways from conferences and workshops geared toward technology and community’s engagement with government.

  1. Galido Blog

38 - Galido
Galido’s information technology blog provides tech enthusiasts with valuable information and links to computer tips, tricks and solutions. They also share important news and relevant information to IT related topics.

  1. CIO Dashboard

40 - CIO Dashboard
Targeting CIOs and CTOs, the CIO Dashboard focuses on IT news and topics most useful to the leaders in business IT. Written by Chris Curran, a principal at PwC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers), this blog cuts straight to the chase and offers practical tecchnology ideas and advice.

Now that you know where to get the latest news and information about the IT industry, get out there and get your knowledge on!