3 Reasons Why Transcosmos Has a Business Continuity Plan

3 Reasons Why Transcosmos Has a Business Continuity Plan


Did you know that 51% of companies have no business continuity plan to deal with a global pandemic, according to a survey conducted by Mercer in February 2020? A further study revealed that cyber incidents are the biggest threat to companies in 2020. These are some of the reasons why Transcosmos has a Business Continuity Plan in place. With the help of our existing Business Continuity Plan, the transition of our whole Manila operation to the home office base was completed only within 24 hours after the Covid-19 outbreak, and our first agent was able to start working from home within 6 hours.

This article provides three examples of how our company and our customers benefit from our Business Continuity Plan.

Ensure the safety of our customers

The main priority of our business is to satisfy our clients and keep providing them with excellent service. To achieve and maintain this, our company strictly protects and handles all information and assets related to our organization. Business Continuity Plans not only to provide a perfect solution for this purpose but also establish trust between business partners and help us sustain our good company reputation. Therefore, the establishment of our business strategy with our partners always begins by drawing up our mutual agreement in the form of a business continuity plan.

Build guidance on interaction and communication

Business Continuity Plans are extremely important for the protection of our businesses. They contain processes and instructions to prepare us for different business risks and help us to reduce or eliminate the negative impact of those risks. They cover the entire process of service disruption and the smooth flow of communication as to how the individuals and departments need to be notified at the time of the disruption. This allows us to take prompt actions and react with immediate effect as well as communicate with our partners in a professional manner.

Prevent risks

Business risks happen always unexpectedly, and we have no influence on them by their nature. They vary from outages to natural disasters, viruses, fires, or cyber-attacks, etc. The techniques and strategies implemented help us prepare for emergency situations carefully. We can secure our data, conduct a risk assessment, avoid financial losses, and speed up the business recovery process after the disruption. Otherwise, our business operation could suffer or fail to survive different damages.


Business Continuity Plans, as we have seen, play a fundamental role in the establishment and maintenance of strong co-operation, trust-building, and professional communication between business partners. Transcosmos Business Operation has been driven by these factors for decades. With our Consistent Business Continuity Management and tailored solutions, our customers are assured that their values are in the right hands while covering 16 European and Asian languages at 167 sites across 30 countries around the world.

Please let us know if you have a Business Continuity Plan and what you think about its importance.