20 Things People Hate the Most About Customer Service

 In customer service, companies need to make sure that customers walk away content with the support they received. Otherwise, there is more serious damage than just a disgruntled customer, as “news of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience.” (White House Office of Consumer Affairs)—and it can cost you your company image and even revenue.
To better understand which areas we can improve on, let us look into the areas that commonly irk customers. Here are 20 things people hate the most about customer service:

  • You are in a hurry, and they put you on hold for more than 5 minutes.
  • A customer service representative said they would call you back but didn’t.
  • The store refuses to replace a faulty item with a recurring issue.
  • The agent is upselling you a product after calling for an issue resolution.
  • “Sorry, I can’t do that.”
  • Very slow service when you are obviously in a rush.
  • Making you feel dumb for calling about a simple problem.
  • Being transferred to multiple agents.
  • Explaining the issue repeatedly.
  • ab0a5d870177da56935f4070897133caNot delivering what was promised.
  • Delayed response to a quick inquiry.
  • Insensitive and rude remarks when you are asking for help.
  • Dealing with language barrier.
  • Limited customer service channels.
  • Making you come back again because their support hours are over.
  • Being on call queue for too long.
  • Having to deal with an inexperienced customer service representative.
  • Disrespectful and arrogant attitude from an agent.
  • When agents are pretending to listen and are not paying attention to what is being explained.
  • Delivering canned responses instead of showing empathy.

We are quite sure you have come across one or several of these in your customer experience. Some tips we can give you to address these:
1. Avoid statements that leave customers frustrated and with no choice. Rephrase them into positive remarks such as “I will see what I can do,” “Here’s what I can do.” Offer them options that will help resolve the issue. Because there is always a work-around to every problem.
2. Train your customer service team to be more sensitive and empathetic towards customers. Listen to the emotion behind the words and acknowledge their feelings. Customers appreciate it more when they hear that you understand where they are coming from.
3. Offer alternative resolutions. When problem keeps repeating, offer a replacement or provide alternative resolutions that will completely address customer’s need.
4. Evaluate your customer support processes and methods. Look for areas you need to improve on and invite customers to give their feedback about your new approaches and modifications to your customer service delivery.
5. Develop a multi-channel customer support. Having more platforms to service your customers will help manage the volume of calls and emails.
In the end, our ultimate goal is turning the customers’ negative perspective of customer service into a positive outlook. We want to leave customers with the kind of support that will redeem their love for customer service.
Image from bordes.org