20 Customer Service Blogs You Need to Bookmark Now, 2015

What makes a company stand out from the rest is their ability to provide the best customer service. In fact, it was Robert Half, a Human Resource Firm Consultant who said, that “when the customer comes first, the customer will last.” Doesn’t it make sense? When you treat them well, you will gain their loyalty. The question is: how do you cope with customer service trends? The answer is simple—keep reading. Ideally, reading customer service blogs is an essential step to accelerate the success of your business.
Customer Service Blogs
So here we compiled 20 of the best customer service blogs we follow, and we suggest you subscribe or bookmark to them too, that is, if you haven’t yet!
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1. Helpscout

Help Scout built a business around providing tools to improve customer service. They provide content that are focused on startups and businesses, with themes like customer experience, employee empowerment and company culture.

2. Customer Think

Customer Think has a wide variety of compelling content that can be used as a great resource for your market research. Multi-authored by dozens of customer service experts, Customer Think has been around for a while, consistently providing inspiration and helpful resources.

3. Salesforce Blog

Salesforce has already maintained their reputation online as a reliable CRM software. They are known for offering cloud services, which is essential in this day and age. Salesforce blogs are mainly focused on small businesses, customer relations, IT, Marketing, and offering tips and tricks for almost all kinds of businesses.

4. People Metrics

If you are looking for resources to improve your customer service strategy, PeopleMetrics articles are written by customer experience management experts who live and breathe customer centricity everyday. PeopleMetrics, in fact, is in the business of providing data that will help businesses improve their service, and therefore they’re able to use data themselves to address customer experience trends on their blog.

5. Get Response

This blog features online marketing trends and how to use it as a way to improve customer service. Get Response actually offers an email marketing software, and their blogs focus on topics like cRM, design, analytics and email marketing.

6. Aspect

The Aspect blog provides technology news, trends and actual customer experiences, best practices for customer experience related matters for contact centers and enterprises.

7. Ameyo

Ameyo’s topcs revolve around customer engagement, best practices for business processing outsourcing industries, and a lot more. Ameyo’s content, especially their listicles and infographics, are extremely helpful for BPOs or contact centre businesses.

8. Mike Wittensein

Mike is an international conference speaker and corporate consultant on customer service experience, retail, and innovation. Therefore, should you need guidance and inspiration for customer service team, drop by his blog and start taking notes!

9. Foresee

Foresee blogs about customer service analysis best practices to improve customer service relationships. As a company that provides customer service analytics tools, they are surely in the position to know what the industry trends are, based on actual data.

10. The Consumerist

The consumerist blog is one of the longest-running consumer-centric blog that brings light to actual customer experiences, good and bad, with the intention to empower consumers to protect themselves. Essentially, if you’re a business owner, you learn a handful of things on how to treat customers better by reading these posts.


USAN offers contact center solution for highly technical industries such as financial, healthcare, insurance, telecom, among others. The blog focuses therefore on topics relating to contact center trends, workforce organization, omni-channel, and customer self-service.

12. Think Customers

This blog publishes articles about optimizing customer experience and is updated daily by multiple customer experience experts. In this blog you’ll find useful articles on market research analysis, CRM best practices, updated customer service trends, and emerging business tactics.

13. Return Customer

This blog publishes content on essential customer service aspects like marketing, business, e-commerce, and provides helpful tips on how businesses can increase customer satisfaction and revenue.

14. Create Distinction

Published by Scott McKain, this blog is updated daily with engaging articles that are focused in delivering the ultimate customer experience. Scott McKain has 30 years of customer service experience, hence you can expect that these resources are based on years of expertise and authority.

15. Satmetrix

This provides comprehensive articles about customer service software management. They publish relevant articles that are useful for businesses, more specifically topics about online customer service and cloud software management.

16. SynGro

This blog publishes high quality content that provide insights for organizations wanting to focus on customer service ingenuity.

17. Desk.com

Desk.com blog is an industry favorite, publishing content on a wide range of topic relevant to startups, and small to medium enterprises. A software developer and provider, Desk publishes topics ranging from social media and online marketing, to customer service, experience, and retention.

18. Heart of the Customer

Headed by Jim Tencher, a customer service consultant, the Heart of the Customer publishes articles related to customer experience, employee engagement and company culture.

19. Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken is still a favorite! Shep has established himself as an authority in the customer service industry, and curates customer service resources for startups, SMEs, and corporations.

20. transcosmos blog

We just had to end this list with our very own blog! We’ve been blogging customer service articles for over 3 years now and we find that this page has become an avenue for us to contribute to the industry, for potential clients to get to know who we are, and for our own employees to find empowerment and inspiration. Subscribe to our newsletter, if you haven’t yet!
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