12 Customer Service Challenges Faced by Fast-Growing Industries

Regardless of the industry your business belongs to, there’s no denying that customers are and will always be your company’s lifeline. Thus, providing superb customer service support should be on top of your priorities.
With the continuous technological developments we have today, consumer behavior changes as well. Knowing how to keep pace with their demands is something that your company shouldn’t miss.
From efficiently handling customer complaints, to responding to queries on certain products/services, and a whole lot of other concerns, properly addressing everything is a must.
To have a better understanding of customer service, here are the usual challenges encountered by fast-growing industries nowadays.


Resolving massive customer complaints on products and services 
From prepaid vs. postpaid, mobile broadband, and smartphones, telecommunications companies encounter a huge amount of customer queries and complaints regarding their products and services each day.
Satisfying increasingly demanding consumers 
As mentioned, technology has changed the way consumers expect to receive customer service support, and telcos are faced with fuming customers expecting always-available support and prompt solutions in different channels, particularly in social media.
Lack of a well-design customer service support model
A well-designed customer service support model is essential in making sound business decisions concerning the quality of service, sales effectiveness, and cost efficiency, as well as enriches the entire customer experience. However, not all telcos have such system.

Banking and Finance

Notifying customers of data breaches
Since bank data are highly sensitive information, banks and financial institutions should notify their clients should a breach in data security occurs. Leakage of data would not lead to the misuse of the customer’s personal information, but their reputations among them and suppliers would be damaged as well. Eventually, this can also affect their overall success.

Retail Industry

Utilization of the omnichannel
Retail businesses who have already utilized the omnichannel fail to manage their inventories well. So instead of improving customer service, they are losing customers due to incorrect records of products visible on their sites to their actual stocks.
Outdated systems
Not keeping pace with technology affects retailers in terms of innovation. Using outdated systems gives customers an idea that they aren’t putting consumer needs ahead.


High airfares, poor customer service
When people decide on an airline, they expect to get what they pay for—considering the whopping amounts of airfares nowadays. However, the travel industry fails to meet customer expectations because of delayed flights, poor customer service, and inefficient handling of customer complaints.


Lack of verification procedures
Shoppers from different parts of the world have widely used e-commerce. However, verification measures in such system aren’t implemented well. For instance, one can simply enter details that isn’t really his. The absence of these proceedings can significantly affect business’ reputation and customer trust.
Incorrect product descriptions
When customers return products because of damages or incorrect details posted on the site, shoppers instantly lose their trust to the brand and even ruin their reputation on the internet.
Not having a streamlined process
Shoppers opt to purchase online because of convenience, but if the e-commerce site fails to streamline all of its processes, from ordering, customer support, dispatching, and order tracking, the entire e-commerce customer support experience will likely suffer.


Mismatching customers and customer service agents
When customers direct their concerns to customer service agents, they expect clear and concise responses. However, mismatches in the contact center can result in worsening of issues.
Failure to access customer data 
Fuming customers expect prompt resolutions to their concerns, but if customer service representatives fail to access all relevant information in an instant, customer service is bound to fail.

While these are just a few of the customer service-related challenges faced by different industries, know that placing a high value on delivering excellent customer service is not only beneficial to your consumers, but for your business reputation as well. Learn from these issues and improve your processes now to avoid losing their trust and prevent declines in your revenue.