11 Key Features to Look for in an IT Helpdesk

An efficient IT helpdesk is a vital operations tool. When utilized properly, it can transform the way teams manage their daily tasks.
If your company recently invested in a helpdesk software or is planning to upgrade its current system, here are some of the key features to consider.

1. User-Friendly Interface
Remember, an IT helpdesk will also be used by non-technical members of the organization. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how advanced a helpdesk software is if users can’t adapt to them easily.
When deciding on an IT helpdesk, keep convenience in mind. An efficient software supports the learning curve of the employees who will use it.

2. User Importation
Every employee who will use the new helpdesk software needs to be imported as either a user or an agent. Depending on your company size, importing users/agents can take time.
An IT helpdesk that allows user importation through the company’s active directory, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or comma separated values (CSV) files will save you a lot of time.

3. Grouping Users/Agents
Apart from tagging employees as either users or agents, the users also need to be grouped into locations or departments. On the other hand, the agents need to be grouped based on their knowledge level and skill set. This will help your organization in better ticket management.
Agents with the top skill sets can help in handling priority tickets.

4. Efficient Ticket Management
An efficient ticket management and tracking system are one of the key features companies need when looking for an IT helpdesk. The software must be able to organize and monitor the active and passive tickets.
Analyzing the software’s active ticket presentation is important. Depending on your service-level agreement (SLA) or business priorities, it is important to analyze how a software presents active tickets. This will ensure that your business needs are in line with the ticket management system.
Some tickets require the participation of multiple team members. There are also some tickets, which shares a similar cause that can be grouped.
An IT helpdesk that allows easy reassignment and escalation process can help team members fix tickets faster and improve workflow.

5. Email to Tickets Conversion
Sometimes, employees ask for help via email. A helpdesk software that can easily convert email inquiries into tickets will save time and effort and ensure faster transactions.

6. Easy Access to Metrics
Metrics allow teams to analyze their own performance and progress. An IT helpdesk must come with an analysis or evaluation of the tickets solved, as well as responses received.

7. Flexible Configuration
There are many helpdesk software that can be tweaked to fit your business needs. This feature is highly important because it ensures that the investment suits your business needs and goals.

8. Knowledge Base
An efficient IT helpdesk with a knowledge base can help teams work on tickets featuring recurring issues. Apart from saving time, a knowledge base, which is simply a database of historical incidents, can also help lighten the active workload.

9. Self-Service Portals
A helpdesk software that comes with a self-service portal will not just increase your business’ credibility, but it will also enable team members to resolve issues on their own.
Through these portals, users must be able to submit their ticket and track them. These can also include answers to frequently asked questions and important announcements within the organization.

10. Support for Multiple Regions
This is especially important for multinationals. A single installation of an IT helpdesk software must be able to support all regional offices around the world regardless of language, holiday, location, and time zone.

11. User Satisfaction
Apart from metrics, a use survey is important to help teams analyze their performance. Upon closing a ticket, an automated email must be sent to users with a link to a quick survey about their experience.

With these key features, you’ll certainly be able to select the IT helpdesk perfect for your business needs.