10 Ways to Make Your Computer a Productivity Machine

productivityJust by turning on that computer, you gain access to a wealth of tools that allow you to accomplish a multitude of tasks. It’s what computers are made for—to streamline the way we do things and heighten our productivity.
There are ways, though, to turn your computer into an even more operative, more efficient productivity machine. You’ll never know how much a simple tweak here and a little clean-up there could improve the way your computer handle its daily tasks—resulting in improved overall productivity.
Here are ten ways to take into account:

1. Keep drivers and software up-to-date.

As much as possible, do not ignore update requests by your PC for your software drivers, no matter how much it can be an annoyance, as these help patch up bugs that could hinder workflow.

2. Switch to an SSD drive.

Consider changing from a traditional hard drive to a solid-state drive. They’re more reliable and give you a faster read-and-write access to files and programs. This article by PCMag describes the difference between the two.

3. Boost your RAM.

RAM is relatively inexpensive compared to upgrades to your processor. By doubling your RAM, you give your system more room to maneuver, especially for situations requiring the use of multiple programs or accessing multiple files.

4. Switch to a more robust CPU and GPU combo.

When you’re working with video and photo software, you’re putting a tremendous toll on these components.
Multimedia programs, as compared to simple word or spreadsheet documents, are far more taxing. If you’ll be regularly working with these, it pays to invest in high-performance CPUs and GPUs.

5. Regularly clean up your system.

Defragment your drives regularly to make sure that your file systems can be accessed efficiently. Also, ensure that you regularly check up your system for viruses and other malware. These are two big reasons why some computers slow down over time.

6. Kick out “junk” applications.

Junk applications or programs considered to be bloatware take up valuable hard drive space and eat up resources in the background. A hard drive that’s 70 to 80 percent full suffers some slowdown, so make sure that all the stuff in your hard drive is necessary.
These junk applications could also take resources when your system is booting up, resulting in a delay before you could use your computer.

7. Hook up to a reliable Internet connection.

Much of what we do today relies on the Internet, whether it’s for research or downloading collaterals. If your Internet connection is faulty, you’ll be staring at long loading screens on your browser—eliminating whatever advantages you may have gotten thanks to top-of-the-line hardware components.

8. Practice good computer habits.

Rest your eyes after an hour of computer use. Stand from your seat regularly. Angle your arms in such a way that you won’t strain the wrists. Keep the monitor at an eye level.
The human component is just as important of a factor as the computer itself, so remember these habits to keep your productivity in front of a computer high.

9. Learn computer shortcuts.

Computer shortcuts such as copying a file by using the CTRL+C command and pasting it with the CTRL+V command make you a more efficient computer user.
These shortcuts help you minimize the amount of action needed to accomplish one task and help enhance productivity in the long run.

10. Be on the lookout for apps and program extensions that help you automate tasks.

If there are tasks that you can automate using an extension for a program, don’t hesitate to take advantage of it. These allow you to program the computer essentially into doing routine tasks, enabling you to concentrate on more important ones that require a human presence.
By keeping your computer updated and keep yourself informed about the newest productivity apps and programs, you maximize the incredibly robust benefits that a computer can offer. Treat the computer as a partner that you want to take care of, and in turn, it will also take care of you and your needs.