10 Must-See SlideShares about Customer Service

SlideShare has brought presentations to a whole new level. Finding resources and materials online can be readily presented and there’s also no need for your audience to take down notes because your presentation can be easily shared. Not to mention, it’s easier to go through than reading a whole text-heavy article.
In the customer service industry, SlideShare is a great resource for great content that are also creatively presented.  Here are our 10 picks for must-see (and must-download) SlideShares about customer service:

They say speak words of life and it will follow. Here are 50 great customer service quotes from influential people and other known brands about the essence of giving service to others. Start saying them out loud or better yet, have these framed in different parts of your office to imbibe the customer service spirit.

Can customers be your friends? A resounding YES! A SlideShare that touches on basically everything to win the hearts of your customers, and how to create a lasting relationship with them. This is an amusing presentation in every way.

Ever wonder why your customer service is not as striking as you want it to be? This SlideShare will help you connect point A to point B and have more fruitful interactions with your customer service.

A visually engaging SlideShare that will provide you intelligent foresight about how customer relationship might roll out in the coming days. It will equip you with information and insight that will help you firm up your customer service approach, especially in a global setting.

Through this SlideShare, you will learn how to boost your customers’ feedback response which is important in improving customer service.

This one may be long, but their slides are filled with great examples why social media is an effective tool to improve customer service. It also gives tips on how to maximize your company’s social media for customer service.

Simple and no nonsense presentation of customer service resolutions that are workable and relevant to any company in any time of the year.

It is always good to read testimonies of people who had incredible customer service experiences because it inspires you to do better in your customer service approach.

It is good to know what trend will roll out this year to help companies strategically plan their customer service approach. This SlideShare provides top 10 customer experience trends that will help companies to listen more to their clients and to personalize every interaction with them.

Even for small businesses, customer service is very much a crucial aspect as it is for large corporations. Here is a presentation that tackles the 5 common customer service fails and how to address them.
Do you have any more to add? We would love to hear your SlideShare recommendations on customer service.