Marketing Lessons from Royal Dutch Airlines’ World Cup Tweet Fail

Many found KLM’s recent World Cup tweet about Netherlands’ win over Mexico racist and it has caused an uproar from fans around the world, even offending respected actor Gael Garcia Bernal. We can’t exactly say how this boo-boo will impact KLM’s revenues, but definitely there will be a decline in their passenger rate as many are turned off by this social media move. So what must we all learn from this? Read on.

How to Deal with Angry Customers in Social Media

Proven to be advantageous, it can also be disastrous if you do not know how to properly deal with angry customers who vent their ire, frustration and disappointment in social media. Angry customers can be a lot to deal with, more so when they are venting through social media so approach the matter carefully.

Is It Possible to Make Angry Customers Love You?

Angry customers aren’t people we would like to deal with everyday but in the customer service industry, we have to on an everyday basis. While resolving a customer’s complaint is the main priority, the ultimate goal is to have angry customers love your company. Is it possible to make angry customers love you?

When Awesome Dads Team Up with Great Customer Service

Growing up, we know dads can fix anything broken around the house or create something cool for Show-and-Tell. They would do anything to make their kids happy. So when things go wrong or when their kids’ wishes are beyond them, having great customer service to team up with can produce touching memories that are worth sharing and celebrating this Father’s Day.