69% of UK Customers are Not Afraid to Act on Bad Customer Service

Poor customer service can cause serious damage to any business. When a customer becomes frustrated in dealing with a company, it is only natural for them to complain—but not the Brits. According to Harris Poll who conducted an online survey on behalf of ClickSoftware, 69% of UK customers will not think twice in ceasing to patronize a brand when they encounter bad customer service from the company. While nearly half (46%) will escalate the matter to supervisory level.
Out of the 2,000 UK survey respondents, nearly a third or 32% find the utilities industry most frustrating of all. They report that UK customers had to spend more than an hour to resolve one issue with the company or had to wait for 4.3 hours to be attended to. Aside from those, the UK customers are tired of having to deal with frequent loss of power or inaccurate billing concerns. Other industries that drive their customers to disappointment are: communication industry at 29%, central government at 18% and banking at 15%.
Customers expect to be treated right and served accordingly, especially the Britons. The research also showed that 13% of those who have been through horrible customer service experience snapped at a customer service rep as a usual retort.
From these numbers drawn by the survey, bad customer service can cost businesses up to a third of revenue loss says Robert Williams, Vice President of UK & Ireland of ClickSoftware. Meanwhile, companies who make it an effort to provide customer satisfaction (reaching 90%+ rate) earn an annual 6.1% increase in their service revenue, 3.7% overall revenue growth and 89% customer retention.
Given this statistics, you can see how customer service should be a major consideration for companies in improving their overall business performance. We can assist you in this area by providing simple support solutions to complex customer concerns. transcosmos is adept in working with European companies and can offer world-class customer service delivery which we have been doing for the past 20 years. We can help UK companies turn this 69% of customer loss into customer loyalty.
Bottomline, there are tools and systems that companies can take advantage of in enhancing their customers’ overall experience with them. Quality customer service should not be difficult at all. Talk to us and let us enlighten you more.

James Patterson
James Patterson

James Patterson, Head of Business Development, Global Corporate Clients joined transcosmos in 2007. He oversees business development and sales and marketing initiatives throughout the EMEA and APAC regions for transcosmos IT and Customer Support Services, managing a team of sales professionals and consultants in these territories. James fully understands and supports the requirements and challenges of complex IT Support and Customer Service environments, having guided an array of large organizations through the consultative process of developing complex solutions to fit the customer’s needs. Previous to transcosmos, James was a regional Sales Manager in the Health and Leisure Industry winning many awards for exceeding sales targets and being innovative.

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